Dubai : Transit Story

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Gate to Istanbul
The flight from Istanbul was at 7:25 pm.  I like taking Emirates flight because of good experience I have with this flight.  Food is good and the cabin service is exceptional.  My flight to Kuala Lumpur transited in Dubai. 
If you ask me about Dubai airport, I would say this is a massive shopping mall rather than an airport. Lots of people but still you still have rooms to walk around.  Facilities are superb and the free duty good are reasonable.
Something that I learned is there's lots of Philipinos and Indian nationality working at the free duty shops which sometime while having a minor jet lag, I felt myself not in Dubai.
The internal decoration of this airport is simple but nice to look at. They did a good job in making the airport green friendly.  Chocolate shop is my favourite destination everytime I reach this airport. My favourite choice of chocolate is patchi chocolate.  It got some good texture that amount of nuts inside is just nice for you to enjoy the taste.  
I'm hoping in my next trip I would like to try to stop by in Doha.  The field works that I'm been assigned right now allows me to commute until first quarter next year so .. lots of things to explore and share.
At the Airport Garden

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