Istanbul : Galata Tower.

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Galata Tower
Hi again, I've spend few days writing about workplace stuff in this blog and today I'm going to share again my trip to Istanbul. This time is Galata Tower. The temperature was quite low in February when I reach this tower and it was windy too. They said again this tower exist since 1324 AD during the Byzantine empire functioning as a light house.  It was made of wood back then but it evolve through renovation works during different administration the final look is made of bricks and mortar.

That's high
To go up, back in those days they use stairs.  Don't worry, it's modern day now .. we will use the escalator.  I remember that I have to pay around 10 Turkish Lira .. which is about 5 Euro.  At the top, there is steep stair going one floor up and ended at the entrance of a restaurant.  Food up there is quiet expensive but no harm trying the sandwich and coffee while enjoying the view from about 90 meters above.  You can step outside to experience the wind blowing and at the same time enjoying the panoramic view of Golden Horn, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Sea of Marmara and lots more view.
Going down to ground floor, there's a sourviner gift counter where you can buy sourviner at reasonable price.

Fresh fruit .. yummy
There's few kiosk selling tea and some snack that you can go for a good price. My one favourite kiosk was the fruit juice kiosk. Fresh fruit squeezed to bring out the juice out of it. ... it is just yummy...

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