Pictures from Hagia Sophia Istanbul

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I'm placing some picture below to sharing:
Picture 1
Picture 1 is the arch gateway inside Hagia Sophia.  I heard that on the second floor they burried someone back during the Roman Empire.  Huge and well maintained column. The time I visited this building some restoration work is in progress.
Well that's interesting .. the question now how to get up there?  Ha .. ha ... to get there you need to go up the ramp not a stair but a ramp...  How does the ramp looks like ... I present you the ramp ... in picture 2.
Picture 2
The camera that I use contribute to the darkeness of the ramp.  In the real case, it is not that dark after all, the light is there.   Reaching at the top, it is back to normal light again .. from the second floor, you can see the first floor ... hehehe ... obviously you can see the first floor ... how silly I am .. 
There's a tomb that I mentioned was in this floor (picture 4) ... Well that's about it for Hagia Sophia at this moment.  I'll update you went I have more picture and some stories that come with it.
Picture 3
Picture 4

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