The Eccentric Thrifter: Good Bye Spaces by Linda Jordan

2:08 PM Iskandar Hussein 2 Comments

It was lunch time and as usual I was browsing for new materials for my blog.  Then I landed on this page by Linda Jordan.  She's a veteran genealogist and also making heritage family cookbooks.  A farm-grown nature lover and enjoy working at her greenhouse ... 

Good Bye Spaces Synopsis

This blog entry casually discussed about the closing of Windows Live Space blogs where she places her thought about this in a very simple and nicely worded manner. 

So enjoy her write up by click the link below ...

The Eccentric Thrifter: Good Bye Spaces

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you liked it. Appreciate the plug! Stop by again soon!

  2. Hi Linda, its my pleasure ... sure I'll stop by again soon ... :)