It's Hari Raya

7:00 PM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

A festive day ... a winning day after one month of fasting ... for kids it's a really meaningful day..waking up early in the morning, putting new clothes, family get together ... it is just so wonderful day that happens once a year.

This year's celebration is in Perlis, my in-laws house.  Such a friendly neighborhood at the countryside.  The house is in the middle of paddy field .. it's all greenish here and in the middle of this green ocean, an island where few families stayed and make a living farming and some other countryside works.

We gathered at the living room in the morning, wishing everyone, forgive and forget, and handing some token in form of cash in small envelope...Chinese call it "Ang Pau".  Next we walk to the musallah for Eid prayer.   The session takes about 1 to 1 and half hour before the whole neighbourhood walked from home to home wishing everybody Eid Mubarak and enjoy some dishes offered by the host.

This tradition has been going for nearly 50 years now and nothing has change ....  what I like about today is the food .. abundance of food from morning to night ... since I'm close to 40 years old now .. I'll be controlling my cholesterol intake for today. 

To my muslim friend around the world ... happy Eid Mubarak... and ramazan bayrami to my Turkish friends.

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