Malaysia Day.

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It's public holiday again ... I'm seeing this event as pro and cons. The pro is we are getting two big states that made the government political coverage to become bigger and on the con we are losing the key island that was the center of Malayan culture and economy.All this year since 1969, Malaysian took this day as an observed day and not at Public Holiday. On this day in 1969, we are accepting two new states to become a member of newly born country which are Sabah and Sarawak and Singapore was given an autonomous power to become a new nation.Twelve years after independence in 1969, Sept 16. Federation of Malay Land or Malaya, changed it's name to Malaysia. For the first time today we celebrate the inauguration of a newly born nation called Malaysia.
As a result of this, Singapore had grown to a strong nation as per today where it become the South Asia economy hub and power.
Malaysia is not far behind now..thru the mistake we made, we also has emerge as one of economic power in South East Asia ...
From where I'm seeing this, it is more on political strategy that for some particular reason inspired Malaysian to work harder after seeing Singapore success in building their country.  It also indicate how Malaysia is growing and moving toward maturity.  In the path of growth, it is norm that we lose some and gain some ...

To my fellow Malaysian ... wishing you a great Malaysian Day ...

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