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In entry this time, the author will be following the clues that can be learned from various award winning film directed and/or played by P.Ramlee. These clues will then be articulated to workplace adaptation. Let play follow the clue and see what we can get from this article. Enjoy the reading...

Starting with a list of award winning film directed/contributed by him.  I'll be selecting a few below (not in particular order):
Film # 1 : Hang Tuah

Source : AsianTorrentZ
It was a story of Malay Legendary Warrior back somewhere between 1400 through 1500.  The story re-lived and directed by Phani Majumdar and placed it to the silver screen. P. Ramlee was the main cast in this film and been doing the musical score. The uniqueness of this film was it the only film made in color among films he produced or worked in his career.  The film was released in Jan 1956 and in May 1956 it got the "Best Music Score" in the 3rd Asian Film Festival in Hong Kong. In 1957, the film was shown in the Berlin International Film Festival. It was the first Malayan entry at that time.

Collaborations with international director was already a trend adapted by P.Ramlee.  This collaboration produced a very positive result even though the film did not win anything in Berlin International Film Festival.

Film # 2 : Madu Tiga

Source : Wikipedia
This was a comedy film directed by him. A story of how a husband managed his three wives.  This film won the "Best Comedy Award" in the 11th Asian Film Festival in Taipei.  It was recorded that this film was an adaptation of a Chinese Film.  Which Chinese Film is unknown at the point this article was written.  The "Madu Tiga" song written in this film became an evergreen song among the mens in Malaysia :) even now and the last re-production of this song was made by Ahmad Dhani, a singer and composer from Indonesia.

Even though the film was an adaptation of some other movie, the re-presentation of this movie was unique that I did not realize at the first place that this film was an adaptation movie. One unique feature of this film of how he blended the music into the film where just by listening to the song, people (in Malaysia especially) will remember the film by heart.  

The keyword that I can capture from this movie were:
  • Adaptation and re-creation of idea.
  • Anchor element, which I define it as what are the things that would make people remember.
Learning points

From this write up, I manage to extract some key point which we can apply it in our workplace, and I'll place it below in point form.
  • Collaboration with people outside of your domain or culture.  There are lots of learning and experience that you can get when you work with people especially those from outside of your country.  They bring in different ideas which was nurtured through their culture.  When you collaborate ... some simple idea that you have can be enhance to something amazing even radical.  Some management likes radical ideas but make sure that the radical idea are inline with the organizational objective.
  • Solving problem using ideas based from your territorial knowledge sometimes make workplace life very mundane.  Try to adapt some idea outside the box, get out to the wild for some ideas and adapt the idea to our domain, and re-engineer it to make it yours.
  • And finally in what ever you do, keep searching for the masterpiece, something people could remember over and over again.  It may take some time but when the masterpiece come, I'm sure you'll never regret doing it.


From Zero to Legend II

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This article is a continuation of From Zero to Legend I. In previous article, author was discussing about P.Ramlee's historical path from starting his musical career until he was found in 1948 and sharing some clues that we can learn from that historical path.  In this article, again author will be continuing P.Ramlee's historical path from 1948 until 1973 and how his historical path can build some significant clue towards our workplace and/or daily work.  This article is currently been written while author is in Istanbul, so you might find an odd hours release of this article.

From 1948 through 1973

Starting from 1948, author will be focusing on P.Ramlee's new role in film industry.  Between this period, we will see how P.Ramlee evolved his works from acting to directing film and share the result of his works below.  His work is now a household name and been played continuously until now.

It has been recorded that P.Ramlee had acted in 60 films and directed about 37 film.[3] That's within 25 years ... what an amazing productivity we can see from him. Looking at this we could see he produced/worked on 3-4 films in year.

Source : P-Ramlee Cyber Museum
Let see the result of his work. I'll select a few:
  • Hang Tuah film won the Best Musical Score in 3rd Asian Film Festival Hong Kong in 1956.
  • The same film went for Official Screening at the 7th Berlin International Festival in 1957.
  • Anak ku Sazali won Best Male Actor in 4th Asian Film Festival in Tokyo in 1957.
  • Sumpah Orang Minyak won the Best Black and White Photography, in 5th Asian Film Festival in Manila in 1958.
  • In 1959, Pendekar Bujang Lapok won the Best Comedy Award in 6th Asian Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 1960, Nujum Pak Belalang won the Best Comedy Award in 7th Asian Film Festival in Tokyo.
  • 1962, Seniman Bujang Lapok was nominated for Best Comedy Award in 9th Asian Film Festival in Seoul.
  • 1963, He won Best Comedy for film called "Love Parade" and won Most Versatile Talent and Best Black and White Photography for his Ibu Mertuaku Film in the 10th Asian Film Festival in Tokyo.
  • And the list goes on... for a list of awards achieved by him kindly refer to this page for further details.
  • Further list of his 66 movies and award can be found in this page.

From these success story I made my observations from his works and awards that he took:

  1. He continued to produce and act at least 3 to 4 film consistently in a year.
  2. He starts producing award winning film starting 1956 through 1964 and before reaching his peak he had been working on 25 film before it start producing award winning film.
  3. His movies covers multiple genre from comedy, thriller, love & hate and patriotic to name a few.
Clues Learned

From here, we learned a clue from this blog that:
  1. Consistent efforts pays.  We should keep producing and improving our work no matter how many times it takes before reaching THE MASTERPIECE work.
  2. Keep trying in different angle of work and again keep it consistent.
  3. Success didn't come overnight, continuous efforts, continuous improvisation and eagerness to explore are the keys to for achieve successful result.  Overnight success, would be something that we can find in our dreams. :). 
As you see, talent does not totally create Legend.  It is about work, focus and consistency that made up a Legend.

Hope this blog would inspire you. 

Notes from a friend.

By the way, thanks to Pak Tam who reminded me that History Channel will be screening a special P.Ramlee documentary on 31 October 2010.  If I manage to get some points from this screening, I will be sharing with the readers here probably on November 1, 2010.


  1. Diary of P.Ramlee,
  2. P.Ramlee Documentary,
  4. P-Ramlee Cyber Museum


On Travel

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I'm currently on travel mode and the slot for making entry was limited since Friday.  So I'm making a bit of adjustment for entry this week.

  • The P.Ramlee Campaign will be extended until 31 Oct.
  • Additional entry on travel will be place.
  • Number of entry this week is expected to be around 3 or 4.
Sorry readers for the inconvenient.


From Zero to Legend I

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Going through P.Ramlee's biography through various medium (listed at the end of this article), I found lot of interesting facts about him, which if I were to blog the whole thing in this article, it is going to be a very long one. So I'm going to break this blog entry into two segments.  "From Zero to Legend I" and "From Zero to Legend II".  In "From Zero to Legend I", I will be blogging about his family, his teen life and the day he was discovered by a film director, B. S. Rajhans from Malay Film Production. While in "From Zero to Legend II", I will be blogging about his path to become a legend.  This blog is not just a story, it will highlight what are some lesson that we can learn from his biography and what clues that we can use to build our own success.

So the story begins here …

In The Beginning

It was 1925, Teuku Nyak Puteh, migrated from Lhokseumawe, Acheh and married a maiden Che Mah Hussein from Kubang Buaya, Butterworth, Malaya[1] (During those years Malaysia was Malaya, a British Occupied Land). Not until 1929, March 22, a baby was born and given a name Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Putih @ Ramli Bin Puteh. I believe, during those days nobody realize that the baby would later become a legend and idol to various generation in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.


Source : Penang-TravelTips
He went through a normal life just like any kids during those year where he started his early education at Sekolah Melayu Kampung Jawa, then Francis Light English School in 1939 through 1941.  Later during Japanese occupation (1942-1945) in order to earn a living at the age around 13 years old he worked as an office boy at a tin production company before enrolling himself to Japanese Navy School "Kaigun Heigakkō"[2]. After the war he resume his education at Penang Free School from 1945 through 1947.

The Music

Source : Kith Kin
His fond on music started as early at the age of 13 (Based from available information), where he learnt Ukelele and Violin as his first instrument and it is said that he learned a formal music lesson from a gentlemen called Tuan Kamarudin[2].

Going through his musical historical track, I would summarized it as below:

Around 1942 or 43
  •  At the age of 13, he learned musical art with Ukulele and Violin as his early instrument.[5]

  •  Won third place in Radio Malaya Singing Contest.[3]


  • This is where, he was seen experiencing with various musical groups.
  • Performed with Orkes Mutiara.[3]
  • Performed with Pancaragam Bintang Sore.[3]
  • Performed with Sinaran Bintang Sore.[3]
  • Won Second Place in Radio Malaya Singing Contest.[3]
  • First Place in Penang Keronchong Singing Contest while performing with Pemuda Indonesia  Keronchong Party. [3]

  • Performed with Coronation Amateur Party.[3]
  • Performed with Teruna Sekampung.[3]
  • At this year he adopted the name P.Ramlee, a reversed from this @ name which is Ramlee bin Puteh.  The P means Puteh.[3]
  • Finally after 3 years of trying he gained First Place in Radio Malaya Singing Contest.[3]

  • He played with Pancaragam Mustika.
  • This year was the turning point of his musical career where he was discovered by B.S. Rajhan from Malay Film Production while doing a performance at the Malay Agricultural Show in Butterworth.  What happened after that … would be the track of the Legend where I'm going to blogged it in my next entry title "From Zero to Legend II".

Between 1942 through 1948, that's about 6 years of toil and experiments that he endure before converging to his turning point of his musical career.  There are clues from this story that I would like to share with the readers here which are:

  • It took lots of attempt, focus and consistency to achieve some result in our life.  It was shown in P.Ramlee's attempt to get the First Place in the Radio Malaya Singing Contest in 1947. We can try to apply it to our career or our workplace. Three keywords that I could extract for sharing here which are tries, focus and consistency.
  • There always a turning point in our life ... if we consistently build our success track, hold the dream and sustain the effort.  We seen his efforts at certain point after 6 years of work, been discovered by a film director from Malay Film Production.  In our career or workplace, there will be a point where we will be discovered by someone, whether within the organization or outside organization.  The keyword here is, again, consistency. We never know when the day will come. So it is important for us to sustain the effort.
  • Never stop experimenting in a new environment or new things that relates to our works or career.  We seen from this blog, that P.Ramlee performed with various musical groups.  Which suggested that, we should keep trying in various area of our career or workplace. For example, in our career, if for so long you been doing server installation, probably you might want to move into grid computing installation or probably IT project management … (this sample is what I can think of at this moment).  Another example, if in your organization, you may want to try to experience with different department, say if previously you're working on IT Operation, you may want to try Network Operation or Project Operation … which have somewhat similarity with what you do.  You never know by doing those shift you may found your most strength or someone may discover you for a better opportunity?
Hope the clues that I share with you may help you or inspire you to do something big … Have a thought to share?  Feel free to drop a comment below … Keep tuning to my next entry ..


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A Very Special Tribute to A Legend ....

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Source : ninotazizquotes
P.Ramlee, a name that very synonym to any Malaysian.  Let trigger a keyword here.... P.Ramlee .. movie.. The first few things that came acrosss each of Malaysian mind were "Bujang Lapok", "Ali Baba Bujang Lapok", "Tiga Abdul" and the list continues.

Now lets try it on youtube ... type "p.ramlee movie" and see how many movies appear on the screen. Then try to google this keyword "P.Ramlee"... and see how's the result looks like.

Local television station ASTRO is currently paying a tribute to this legendary name for a month with "Di mana kan ku cari ganti" campaign.  I’m triggered to contribute my part by writing few articles about him.  I was born one year before he died in 1973, ever since his works through songs and films were continuously played consistently until now. 

Impact that he brought to the film and music industry in Malaysia is massive, however, until now we haven't found any unique musician, composer or film maker that can create such masterpiece on his work.  His works been studied by  many and inspires more even those who are not in the film and music industry.

I am amazed by his road to fame and how he build his film & music empire. In this blog I'll be sharing some clues that I found from this legend and how we can use his trail and learn how he did it.

Sharing in this blog will be divided into 3 :
  • His life from nobody to a legend. What are the clues we can get from his life journey.
  • His works on the box-office movie, how did his work become so ever green that even my 9 year old kid loves his movie.
  • What are the hurdles that he faced and how can we learn from it.

Enough of the intro ... in next article about P.Ramlee, I'll be blogging on his life ... "From 0 to Legend"

Keep tuning to this blog.


Pledge from South China Sea

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Source : Stuck in Customs
The world is talking about “Water” today. From this side of the world, next to South China Sea, Malaysia is blessed with abundance of freshwater resources. With 22,000 cubic meters of water available to each person annually, Malaysia is not considered water stressed. [Asia Society]
No matter how blessed Malaysia with the amount of freshwater she got, the global water crisis does not choose side and she is not exempted.

The global weather change, rapid economic development and the growing population in the urban area are creating a new challenge to the authority to manage the trend of water usage. In certain state, local analyst had pre-empted the public of potential clean water crisis in 2012.

This blog post is one of the initiatives to start conserving this precious gift. It started with awareness and then translated into action. While the government are working to mitigate this issue, as a citizen, a prudent usage of clean water would be a good start not only will help the nation but also be part of the world citizen to conserve and mitigate the world water crisis.

Writing for the Blog Action Day 2010 on Water event .... this is the voice from Malaysia ...


WATER: How much we know ...

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In supporting The Blog Action Day 2010, today’s posting will be discussing about “Water”.  Tomorrow, 3811 blogs from 126 countries and anticipated 28,779,085 readers will be converging into one topic ... and this article is another contribution from Iskandar In Person after signing a petition to “support UN’s effort to bring clean, safe water to millions globally.”  Presenting to you .. from a laymen’s perspective “WATER: How much we know ... “

Such a simple word ... WATER but it plays a great impact in our life. We all know and aware the importance of water level in our body and you can feel it yourselves if there’s a drop of water level in the body.  Some questions for you and me to ponder...

How much we know about the water we consume?

I’ll bring these questions into my plate to answer on my part and probably you can take these questions to your side and answer it to your own perspective.  Feel free to use it. You can place your thought in the comment section or even place yours in your own blog ... either way will work for me.

Water we consume

Source : Feng Shui Newsletter
I’m talking from a laymen’s perspective as I’m not an expert in this area.  We consume the water for our daily life from dawn to night.  It can be for replenishing it into our body for our daily routine chores like driving to work, playing with children, enjoying some casual jog at the lake or even sleep .. that are part of the examples.

Other than for our body, we consume it for cleaning the dishes, clothes, car or even ourselves in the morning. 

Well .. that water need to come from some source isn’t it ... I would say river and lake. It was processed and flowed to us for daily consumption.  How much water is enough? Thats depend on our appreciation of the water source which we sometime take it for granted ...  (me too sometimes took it for granted.)

Source : BlogActionDay '10 Water
I received a tweet this morning from @blogactionday, showing a photo and a very interesting tag line “The polluted water in this glass is what this woman in Ethiopia drinks every day” [click here for source] ... looking at that visual, I felt blessed to be in this part of this world where I’m still able to get a clear water from the tap. (Even though need to put filter in order to ensure the cleanliness).

So .. Lessons for me after learning from that picture.
  • While other people in other part of the world struggling to get a clean glass of water, we should appreciate what we have here in Malaysia and not to waste it. Someone next door may also need it so let not be too self-centred on water usage ...
  •      Teach the young generation (I’ll start with my kids) to appreciate the water and not to take it for granted.  I'll take in the idea from Mashable on board.
  •       To my Malaysian politicians, water is a human right. Choose your word correctly when talking about water in order to get your votes. The water is not for your party only it’s for the people, the country and the world.


Talk Water on 15 October 2010

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Source : Feng Shui Newsletter
Between today until October 15, Iskandar In Person's entries will be focusing on water.  I came across "Blog Action Day 2010" from reading Problogger today.  What's about Blog Action Day 2010?

It is an annual event that unites bloggers of the world posting about the same issue on the same day, which is Oct 15.  Looking at the one who behind this initiative, is a team from who are promoting blog network for social issue.

I found this event is interesting and decided to participate.  You can do the same by going to this link ... Blog Action Day 2010. Register and lets talk about "Water" on that day ... it is going to be fun.

If you need more information about this day, visit their blog here.


Review on Father and Son : Homemade Spacecraft

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Source : JunkBlogger
I landed on an article titled “Father and Son Launched Their Homemade Spacecraft into Space” yesterday.  The father, Luke Geissbuhler made a homemade video to capture these historic father and son activity which I believe going to make some impact to readers around the world.  I’ve seen this article has been shared several time in my Facebook wall and I’m not surprised if they hit the news in next few week or even days.

There’s some values that I can shared from this entry by Hedy in, which is the father and son relationship.  I would say Max will remember this for the rest of his life. He can proudly say “My father and me did this”. 

Other than the values captured here, another lesson that we can learn together is that, some people see space project requires a complex and a very high comprehension and detail on the subject.  This two gentlemen prove it wrong, all you need are an IPhone, Weather balloon and a video camera to make it happen. Simple thought which make things happen.

I’ve also came across some criticism on what are the benefits of space exploration? Despite all the argument to defense the initiative, I would like to add this example as another reason on the benefits of space exploration.  This example shows some direct benefits to the family. It brings father and son together.

Kudos to Luke and Max Geissbuhler, for able to think out of the box and at the same time making things simple.

To follow the story click on the blog link below or the video link I place it here.

Click Here to go to  JunkBlogger page
Source: JunkBlogger


Coloring the Blog

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Source: Young Germany
This article is somewhat a log on what I am doing with this blog. I have been exploring this blog writing for nearly three months now.

Recalling what I did with this blog was:

  • Focus on article writing within the category that been set.
  • Adding categories as more articles been created/compile.
  • Placing adsense and ad banner to start monetize the blog.
  • Installing some codes to track visits and pageviews.
  • Subscribing to some blog forum and blog sharing sites.
  • Integrating the blog with twitters and facebook fan page.
  • Subscribing to feedburner.
  • Subscribing to Google analytics
  • Building up followers, reviewing and commenting other blogs.
  • Placing blogspot tools such as Blog List, Blog Roll, Email forms and counters.
  • Playing with banners.

So, what should I do to balance back my life in office and home?Looks like I've been busy for last 3 months. I'm experiencing a build-up of an efforts from 15-20 minutes a day to about 2-3 hours a day ... and this blog writing activities really addicting.

I'm thinking of bringing in project management methodology into this blog building efforts. Set some realistic goal and try to achieve it. I'll come back next week on how to make this blog more colorful.


Reading on Power of Visual Thinking

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Source: NetworkedBlog
Today’s reading is from blog that I followed through NetworkedBlogs, The Wired News.  It’s a blog written by various author and the blog name is Wired News.  In this write up I will be highlighting the learning I got and place one or two pointers that I captured from this reading.  For further reading about “The Power of Visual Thinking” by Clive Thompson, feel free to click on the link at the end of this article.

Power of Visual Thinking

Source : Wired News
The key sharing point of this article was visual thinking, which means drawing pictures to solve problem give more venues to expedite on decision making process.  He uses crayon as to show how he make a selection from various choices shown to him.  The choices he used was list of laptop that he found online when he wanted to make a purchase. 

Using the argument place forward by Dan Roam, a visual-thinking guru and author of “The Back of the Napkin”, he highlighted that our culture relies too much on choices and arrangement of words. Another thought raised by David Sibbet, a visualization expert, was if we want everyone to have the same understanding of a problem, “fastest way to do it is with a picture”.

What do I got from this article

In a simple word, I’ll say “Picture worth thousands of word”.  I’ve seen in certain meeting that I attended, a problem was shared through drawings on the whiteboard.  From what I see the ambient of the meeting was lively and full of colors.  However, in one of my experience attending meeting (most of the time meeting with Government Officials) where everybody talking about protocols and going through some documents together, the ambient was dull and most of the time I slept while the meeting was going on.  

For further readings on this article … click here.


New Approach Under Experiment

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Introducing new category called “Reading Log”

This page and category is meant to capture some reading material I gathered from blogs that I followed.  I learned that placing own article on daily basis may compromise the quality of the content. However, by not placing daily article, I learned that there is a drop in overall page views in this blog.  Thus to compensate the readers with updated material, I’ll be sharing my daily readings and capture it in this blog.


So .. What do you do?

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This article is a continuation of the "Hi! How are you ... ". The key-point of that article is how to connect with people in this article we will bring it to the next level, where we going to connect two type of people (fast pace and slow pace) together in a workplace.  Again I got this from Joe Pici's learning CD. I'm connecting to some experience I had during my years as computer engineer and trying to convince my superior.  

Source : Freephotos4all

Let me set some scenario here.  At your workplace and there are some issues with the corporate computer system.  Upon routine system check you found a pre-mature sign of system degradation and it is an unanticipated risk.  Following further investigation, you got to the source of the problem and certain part need to be upgraded.  The upgrade is costly and company is currently performing a cost cutting measure on selected business operation. 

If not resolve, in 6 month, corporate computer system will be experiencing full outage, and it will be impacting overall organization operation.  Your superior have just left the company few weeks ago and a new superior just reporting for less than 2 weeks. The new superior do not have the same computer background as you do. So ... what do you do?

Source: Freephotos4all

These are some ideas on how to use "Hi .. how are you ..", make the connection and score. 

Please note that not that result may varies with different people and organization. The ideas given is based on a successful mission experienced by me back in those years ...  

Ready??? Let's see how things work here ...

First Build the Connection

At the hallway or before the superior hit his desk, you should greet him with the normal "Hi .. how are you? .... how's the traffic today?".... you definitely will get a warm response from him.  Remember, do not go straight to the point, we are building the connection here.  

Next Identify which type of person he is ... whether he is a fast pace or a slow pace..

To know whether he is a fast pace or slow pace person, look at how he enter the office.  Does he say hi to people around him since he is new to the company... from there we can assume,  whether he is a fast pace or a slow pace.  Next, look at his shirt pocket, is he slipping a pen or not and what type of pen that he use.  You can observe it at the beginning conversation.  If he is not wearing a pen on his shirt pocket, high likely he is not a detail person.  He might be a forgetful person.  If he is wearing a pen, look at the type of the pen, is it a normal ball pen or some expensive one like Parker or etc.  If it is a normal ball pen, that's an indication he is a slow pace person.  He need fact, figures and logic in order to make decision and he is quiet firm with his decision.  If the pen is fancy and looks expensive, then he like style and quite serious about self-grooming.  This is a tell tale saying that he is a fast pace person.  How did I know this ... it is through experience and a discipline called profiling (we will discuss this in other article).

In this case, my new superior is a well dressed and having an expensive pen on his shirt. He greeted everyone he meet. So I assume that he is a fast pace person. We will then go to the next level.

Talking to Fast Pace people

To talk with fast pace we need to show some energy and enthusiasm. Show how well you know the corporate computer system and articulate it enthusiastically.  Use simple language to explain the issue and straight away shows the benefits, the solution and the result.  

When he asks questions, he usually starts to pay some attention. Do not have long pause to think. If you did that, he will think that you didn't know your material and he will move on. 

The objective of your conversation would be to call for another meeting to show more detail solution and result and then connect them with finance people.

One conversation idea that you can use to connect him with finance:

1.  “Once we clear with the detail solution and results … would it be beneficial to you if we can get finance people to sit with us so that we can get some sponsorship to move forward?”

He will normally agree since you've guided him with information and opportunity to make decision. Send him an email or some memo stating the meeting place and time after this conversation.

Meeting has been set with him, now is to get to the finance people to sponsor the upgrade.  Finance people are usually slow paced people.  Without proper documentation, logical and systematic explanation, it is very hard to get some buy in from them.  So what do you do?

Talking to Slow Pace People

With finance people, you need to go slow with them, get some time with them to sit down explaining what happen, then share the problem that you’re facing, and what support that you need from them.

You can start the conversation with this idea below:

1.  “Hi Lee (name is fictitious), how are you?  I’m glad that you can spend some time with me to discuss on some issue that I’m facing right now …” .. then finished your sentence with the rest of the issue.

Don’t get their decision yet because they will need more from you if you want to get their decision.  Systematically show them your plan of action and mention when they will be needed for a meeting. Some idea that you can use in the conversation:

1.  “I’m going to show you the solution here and how much is needed to achieve this solution …. I really need your support to deliver this solution … but I don’t need your final decision now … I’ll give you sometime to digest this…”

Offered some hand on what do they need from us in order to get buy in from them. Usually, they will ask to follow this and that procedure, fill in some forms and etc.  Some idea in this conversation:

1.  “What can I do for you to expedite your assessment … can you show me some procedure that I can use or forms that I can fill?”

Take note and do not respond or comment to their request immediately, come back to them later. This will give some indication to them that you’re studying the procedures and forms given and they will appreciate such gesture.

Connecting Slow Pace People and Fast Pace People

With fast pace people, after you've done with the follow up meeting showing the detail solution and result, set an expectation to the fast paced people your plan to get some sponsor from the finance people.  He will be happy to know that you have initiated some conversation with the finance people and he did not have to do anything on the first stage. 

Now is to offer the fast pace people to start communicating with the slow pace people.  The fast paced people have been informed about the benefits, the solution and the results. And from the slow pace people they are aware about you going through the procedure and forms for sponsoring the upgrade.

At Connecting Point.

In the meeting now, you’ll have fast pace and slow pace people together.  Try not to irritate each other when presenting the solution and what’s needed to achieve the solution.  If you irritate either one of them through you selection of words … that’s it .. you need to recreate the wheel again.

Some of conversation ideas in the meeting with fast and slow pace people when you get them together:

1.  Gentlemen, I’ll calling you to this meeting in order to achieve a mutual understanding and decision to proceed with the solution that I’m about to present to you … (this conversation is meant to make both side feel important and will be part of the decision process)
2.  (After presenting the solution) … I hope you understand the objective of this solution and Lee (the finance people), I understand that with current cost cutting measure, it is going to be some convincing work that we need to do, we can help you to get relevant information to you so that you could easily talk to higher management to get the sponsor.
3.  (After presenting the solution .. talking to your superior) … Sir, with the solution presented and with the support and resource that we have, can I get your approval to proceed with the detail work with finance and the engineering team? (See with the fast pace people, you’re giving indication to him to straight go to work … fast pace people like this type of conversation)

In conclusion to talk and connect to fast and slow pace people these are some key points that you should consider:

1.  Presenting benefits, solution and result in different tone with different type of people.
a.  With fast pace people, be concise and talk enthusiastically. Offer some quick decision opportunity.
b.  With slow pace people, talk and present the idea systematically.
2.  Never irritate each other when talking or discussing with slow or fast pace people … you’ll never achieve anything if you irritate others.