WATER: How much we know ...

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In supporting The Blog Action Day 2010, today’s posting will be discussing about “Water”.  Tomorrow, 3811 blogs from 126 countries and anticipated 28,779,085 readers will be converging into one topic ... and this article is another contribution from Iskandar In Person after signing a petition to “support UN’s effort to bring clean, safe water to millions globally.”  Presenting to you .. from a laymen’s perspective “WATER: How much we know ... “

Such a simple word ... WATER but it plays a great impact in our life. We all know and aware the importance of water level in our body and you can feel it yourselves if there’s a drop of water level in the body.  Some questions for you and me to ponder...

How much we know about the water we consume?

I’ll bring these questions into my plate to answer on my part and probably you can take these questions to your side and answer it to your own perspective.  Feel free to use it. You can place your thought in the comment section or even place yours in your own blog ... either way will work for me.

Water we consume

Source : Feng Shui Newsletter
I’m talking from a laymen’s perspective as I’m not an expert in this area.  We consume the water for our daily life from dawn to night.  It can be for replenishing it into our body for our daily routine chores like driving to work, playing with children, enjoying some casual jog at the lake or even sleep .. that are part of the examples.

Other than for our body, we consume it for cleaning the dishes, clothes, car or even ourselves in the morning. 

Well .. that water need to come from some source isn’t it ... I would say river and lake. It was processed and flowed to us for daily consumption.  How much water is enough? Thats depend on our appreciation of the water source which we sometime take it for granted ...  (me too sometimes took it for granted.)

Source : BlogActionDay '10 Water
I received a tweet this morning from @blogactionday, showing a photo and a very interesting tag line “The polluted water in this glass is what this woman in Ethiopia drinks every day” [click here for source] ... looking at that visual, I felt blessed to be in this part of this world where I’m still able to get a clear water from the tap. (Even though need to put filter in order to ensure the cleanliness).

So .. Lessons for me after learning from that picture.
  • While other people in other part of the world struggling to get a clean glass of water, we should appreciate what we have here in Malaysia and not to waste it. Someone next door may also need it so let not be too self-centred on water usage ...
  •      Teach the young generation (I’ll start with my kids) to appreciate the water and not to take it for granted.  I'll take in the idea from Mashable on board.
  •       To my Malaysian politicians, water is a human right. Choose your word correctly when talking about water in order to get your votes. The water is not for your party only it’s for the people, the country and the world.

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