Istanbul ... Asia and Avrupa ...from the Blackberry

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Again this is about Istanbul but author tries to present the story in a different way. In this article, author will share a visual story of what he saw during travel and at work.  This is a new approach of presentation that author wants to explore ... so enjoy the picture taken from Blackberry Curve Javelin ... :)

Late October 2010: Assignment in Istanbul was a short one. Just one week and full of meetings.  So I am able to snap some pictures during the break, after work and also during my route to the Airport.

At Work During Break

I went up to the roof top to look at the view of Maltepe area.  The building I worked is sandwiched by highway and a military camp.  I'm more interested on the area living so I took some picture of the highway ....


After Work

October is quite cold in Istanbul. We're talking about 10 Degree C plus some windchill factor ... so not much exploring I did during the working days.  But after work ... with cold weather outside ... nothing match the Turkish Tea or "Cay" they call it and a pool session at the bar ... 


Travelling Home

I took different route from normal.  Usual route I that took was taking a taxi from the hotel in Kartal and straight to Ataturk airport. This time, I took a taxi to Kadikoy, then a boat ride to Karakoy. From there, I took Tunel Train to the edge to Istikal Street and finally to a tram to Taksim Square. Why I did that?  My flight was at night so I took opportunity to spend time at Istikal Street and Taksim Square in this visit. 

I spend some time with my friend Zikri and Murat, enjoying the lunch and some dessert before taking a taxi to Ataturk Airport.... I would not recommend this type of travel if you're travelling with your bulking baggage.  I travelled light at that time so it was a fun walk. :) 

Something that shock me when I arrive home. The Taksim square where I hanged out on Saturday, was bombed on Sunday ... Felt relieved that I'm at home at that time ...

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