How to Read the Blog

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The blog entries I placed are based on random entry and each entry correspond to main topic below:

  • Workplace
  • Travel
  • Living
  • Announcement
  • Reading Log
  • My Malaysia
  • P.Ramlee Campaign
  • Running for Own Reason
  • Health and Diet
These topics are automatically organize on the topic category on the right hand side of the blog.  Select you own topic category of interest and enjoy the reading trail.

On top of this page you'll see google custom search ... I'm providing a google search for you so that you don't have to click to do another search.  Just place your keyword in that search box and you will be brought to another page showing result of the keyword you placed. If you're not looking for keyword in this blog, select the search through web for your option and you're on your way to get your intended reading material.

If you like to follow the blog, below are the options you have:

Through Networkedblog

It is a facebook application and readers can benefits from this application by having the exposure to other blogs that registered under NetworkedBlogs.

The requirement is simple.  You only need your facebook account. The steps are:

  • Log in to your facebook.
  • Open up another browser and if you choose, you'll see the NetworkedBlogs box on the lower right of this blog.
  • Just click "Follow this Blog" button.
  • Follow the simple instructions placed by NetworkedBlogs and you're all set.
  • You can also place your blog here in NetworkedBlogs and you can get friendly followers for your blog here.
Google Friends

It has been there for a while ... but I didn't make it official. So I'm open up another choice and make it official here in this page.

This option is much-much simpler if you're already on blogspot or blogger.  Simple steps:
  • First click the "Follow" button. Then select google ... or other selection of your choice
  • If you're haven't login to blogspot or blogger the system will ask for your login and password.
  • Key in those information and click login.
  • Another window will appear and just follow the instruction until your picture/avatar appear on that google friend picture list.

You can email me if you have any question at

Enjoy the reading.