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The name is Iskandar Hussein. He take up blogging to share some of his organizational experiences, share the adventure of reading people's blog, reflecting and responding to the blog's key values and points...  also capturing some travel that he did from time to time.

This personal blog is based from author's experiences working in the telco industry for 13 years, also from some current readings, bit and pieces of sideline adventures that he endured either by myself or with friends and/or family. It is presented in random arrangement.  Entry categories to date are (in random order):

  • Workplace - The core category where organization experiences are shared here.
  • Travel  - Some of author's travelling stories.
  • Announcement - Some new update about this blog will be captured here.
  • Living - This is a free flow entry. Anything about author's reading, observations and personal experience will be captured here.
  • Health and Diet - Placing some article on health and diet as a result from various readings and personal experience using some products in the market.
  • Running for Own Reason - I run for fun. For every running competition the objective is to finish it and not to win it. These are my personal running experience and how I prepare for it.
  • My Malaysia - Anything I can think of about Malaysia. From travel, food and the people.

I don't have any intention to place any political or sensitivity related discussion in this blog.  I don't think it is necessary as it will be more heavily on travel, workplace talks and living.

Some key values that I'm integrating in this blog are:

  • Keeping things simple.
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
So the entries that I will be placing will be mingling around the key values mention and will be categorized according to what mentioned in the 3rd paragraph.

Some new topic categories which is related to travel, workplace and living may appear from time to time and I'll notify the reader through the "Announcement" category. 

Entry frequency will be on weekly basis, this means at least one entry per week.  Once in a while kindly expect a missed entry due to some ad-hoc matters

I appreciate any comments or critics from the readers.  However, I would like to let you know that to avoid unpleasant or nonconstructive statement, your comment will be moderated first before placing it under the discussion topics.

You can also contact me at iskandarhussein@hotmail.com.

So enjoy your reading and surfing adventure....