Blue Mosque

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A Walk From Grand Bazaar
My first visit to this wonderful mosque was in February this year. It was evening, me and colleague walked from Grand Bazaar to this mosque area. Walking is not recommended due the distance between this Grand Bazaar is quite far. I would suggest to take the tram (just 1.50 lira per person) to go there if you're from Grand Bazaar. Or else, you'll spend time sitting at the bench, massaging your own feet and finishing one bottle of drinking water to refresh after nearly 45 min of walking...:).
Front of Blue Mosque
We were facing the front door of the blue mosque and all of us were mesmerised by how the 1500 years old building make it own statement by the strong structure and expression of blue colors that look like coming from the marble stone.
We move into the centre court. I was trying to bring me back into time thinking how did the people back then build the building. Amazing architecture and construction.
Prayer Hall
We then walked into the prayer hall. It was maghrib, or evening prayer time and we joined the prayer session. It felt like being pulled back into the Ottoman empire time and the feeling was unique.  After the prayer, I've look around the prayer hall. Amazingly everything is red in here with the lighting and the placement of the light.  The ambient was supported by the "imam" who recited  the verses in Quran in melodic tone.  Beautiful ... it stunned me for about few seconds looking at the internal surroundings.  Later we went outside and it was dark.  Again I was amazed by the beauty of this mosque from outside.  It is just amazing.  I would recommend those who visit Istanbul to drop by this mosque and experience it yourselves.  For my non-muslim friend, not to worry, they allowed visitors to come in no matter who you are.  This mosque is a must see item when you visit Istanbul. 
Taken at night from the courtyard
Keep on following this blog as I'll be posting another amazing building in my next entry "Hagia Sofia"...

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