Building trust at workplace

5:00 PM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

Workplace is like a marketplace.  The only different from the normal marketplace is everybody are working under one roof to achieve organizational goal.  In this workplace, idea and solution are commodities.  

Everybody in the workplace come from different background... for example, accounting background, human resource background, engineering background and so on. We also call these different background domain.  We sometimes appreciate other domain less due to our focus on our own domain or we feel comfortable with our own domain where we may think that other domain are not necessary to work with. If we think like this, we are in "Alice Wonderland".  In real life, everybody needs everybody.

We need each other to make things work, thus it is important that you build a trust between these people  Build the trust and be consistent with the idea and the progression. Keep people in the loop, highlight difficulty and options. Finally be decisive and responsible. Pointing fingers will not solve any problem.  Keep the communication language simple. This is because we are communicating across domain.  Accounting people speak different language than engineering people ... and we must accept that.

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