Good Life?

12:00 PM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

A friend approached me through facebook, two weeks ago saying she envied me for having a good life and job. Looking at my update in facebook, people will believed that I'm having a good life and good job.  Well let me share with you something ... a good life and a good job depends on how you define it .... the life that I'm having may seen to be good to some people but not for others.  
I define my good life as having a job that give me the chance to travel around the world, three beautiful kids and a loving wife.
I once met a security guard working in the island of Langkawi.  I was at the beginning of my career at that time and just having a friendly conversation, we touch about the definition of good life.  The security guard was 60 years old and a good life for him is having what he have now... an average hut facing the beach living with his wife and 12 kids. He also owned a paddy field for him to work on. Asking about the job ... he told me the job is just to kill time ... 
See how different his and mine ... how about you ... how do you define your good life .. it is up to you.... you good life is what you choose .. not what people see...

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