Hagia Sophia Istanbul

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Tonight I'll be talking about Hagia Sophia. During my first visit to this superb structure, it was after the Blue Mosque visit. Too late to go in.  Several visit around Istanbul during weekend brings me to the Hagia Sophia but still I did not dare to go in.  
I don't know why, probably because this building existed since the Byzantine empire which give me goose bump about this building.  
Anyway, on my sixth visit to Sultanahmet Square, what the heck, there lot of people going in and enjoying their experience.  It is not that this building going to fall down is it? It survive the last earthquake so why worry?
So I paid at the ticket counter for 20.00 TL and moving close to the entrance.  Wonderful finishing and I give a lots of respect to the those who design and build this building.
Next step is to walk into the center hall.  Wow!!!! it is so huge .... I became like a kid wondering around the hall observing and appreciating the internal architecture of this building.
Let me share the picture with you ... let the pictures tell the story.

At the Main Entrance
Ruins from Byzantine Empire
What a huge door
Centre Hall
More picture to come on Hagia Sophia in next entry  .......

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