In Malaysia for Ramadhan

3:52 PM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

Once in Office
Lots of story to tell and lot of things to share with my beloved wife and kids.  It is 9 August 2010 and still got 1 day to go before the grand month of Ramadan.  Being in this job allows me to control my schedule so for this whole month until aidilfitri I'll be spending my time in Malaysia with my family and friends.
I'm not on vacation ya... I still have to go to office in Malaysia as usual.  And yes, I'm not some top gun of a company. I'm still an ordinary people who earn their living working in office and have bosses to report to.  But I have an extra ordinary life and I'm enjoying my life.
Ramadhan is a boot camp for me to refresh my soul and health.  I'm going to enjoy waking up early before dawn, crawling to the dining table for some early meal.  I'm going to enjoy going back early to enjoy my wife's iftar cooking.  During weekend, I'm going to enjoy my mum's cooking and tell story over dinner and supper.
My small family
I'm going to enjoy going for tarawikh with neighbours until near midnight.  It is going to be my routine  for the next one month and a half until my next assignment in Istanbul.
For this month is a month where I'll be devoting by life to my family and God.


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