It started somewhere in Istanbul

2:51 AM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

In Grand Bazaar on one of
the weekends.
Sometime when you're alone, lots of things comes to your mind.  Put it in a blog and see how it grows. You'll be amazed how the end result will be.
I just finished my field assignment and have one extra day before taking my flight back home.  It is 9:32 pm Turkish time. Dinner .. done...exploring around the area? done .... FBing done ... packing? too lazy to do it tonight ... I'll do it tomorrow morning.  
A blog should be a good idea.  Lets starts with this entry and see how it goes. This is my introductory entry so I'll make it short and simple.  This is my third visit to Istanbul on a job assignment.  A nice country with a friendly people. They didn't speak much in English but it doesn't take much efforts to learn some basic words like "tesekkuler" which is thank you, "iyi akshamlar" which is good evening and "avet" .. yes. :)
I am going to a place called Maltepe Markezi tomorrow to do some mini-shopping and window shopping .. I think most of the time would be window shopping and take some pictures.  
Let see how the entry for tomorrow looks like.

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