Keeping Things Simple

5:30 PM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

Back in year 2000, I was working on a project with Boeing subsidiary.  The engineer is much-much older and more experience that I am.  Well, being a junior engineer and inexperience about some technical and management nature of the work, I complained that there too many problem to solve within stipulated period. .... I complained it to him ... his answer is simple ... if there's no problem .. then there would be no job for people like us.... hmmm...he got a point....  but being so naive .. I ask him back .. to solve this problem????? ... He smiled and say ... "Keep it simple son"..... 
That really struck me ... I sat down rethink back what he said and yes .. keep things simple make sense ... as long as you can explain what you're doing and explain what's going on in a very simple language ... you can come up with how to fix it ... and also getting appropriate support from related specialist.
Lesson learned from here was, work is not about capability to present jargons or showing some technical diagram or flow to people.  Not everybody knows what your are doing ... so the best way to explain what you're doing is in a simple form ... no matter how complex the problem is keep it simple when explaining.

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