Maltepe Markezi

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It is 8:39 pm Turkish Time, another 23 hours before my flight to Dubai.  I did go to Maltepe Markezi today for some windows shopping.  Alzam and Izwan bought some handbags for their beloved wife.  

I went to my friend's shop at Medine Pazari to see what's new things that he got for me.  It is not my day today, he's not in his shop .. He's in Pendik.  Nevermind I bought some souviner for my parents in law .. hope they're happy. 

At Maltepe Markezi Tea Shop
I forgot the name of this tea shop. I didn't went it today but this picture was taken back 3-4 months ago.  This is the best place to hang out.  As you see the small buildings next to the three Turkish girls, that are all cafes.. so I would recommend you to come down to Maltepe Markezi for evening hang out.

This area is fully pedestrian area and lots of small shops.  From what I see here not much tourist here probably because this is where local people get their daily consumables, clothes and etc. 
Not to forget hanging out.  We do have some problem communicating in English with them. But local here are nice.  They try their best to understand what you're saying.  They try to find their friend who knows English.  Talking about Turkish is something that will make me to come over and over again.
Maltepe Downtown
Picture on the left is the area where the traffic is. This is where more shops lots and most of well known brand products were sell here. I'll name a few like Adidas shop, Sony .. you got the picture.
Pedestrian area
And the picture on your right is the pedestrian area.  Again lots of small shops selling various things and you can get bargain ... unless you know how to speak Turkish a little ... keyword .. "Inderim" .. :)
Let see if I have some more picture to share here. 

Cooking Pita Bread from here
I was sitting on one of the kiosk, waiting for my sandwich.  Something caught my attention.  If you see a picture in the middle, there's a steel body and blackish dome like object.  It's a stove for turkish pita bread.... they feed in the cooking gas into it and it heat up the dome. 
Place the knead dough on the dome for few minutes and walla... lunch is served. ....
Talking about lunch ... it's 9:05 p.m.  I start feeling hungry ... I'm going down to the cafe for some snack....

See you in next entry....

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