Showdown Air Combat

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Night of Aug 25. I was sitting at my living room watching one of my favourite TV Channel, the "Discovery Channel". In this show (Showdown: Air Combat : JET ACE: F-86 SABRE vs. MiG-15), I was triggered by a quote "It takes the plane, the pilot, and the tactics to win the dog fight"

The significant from this quote, enabled me to connect to my workplace discussion with another three keywords which are the technology, the people, and the process.

I was a practitioner of this concept when I was working as satellite operator. Implementing this concept helps me to drive through rank and file from a senior engineer to become a manager within three years.

I learned that by blending these 3 keyword it been proven to drive your idea to become organization practice.

It started with understanding the nature and nurture of people I work with. Then communicate the idea through technology and best practise, and finally converting those technology into organization process that been followed by everyone.

Look simple to write huh... but it is not easy to implement it.

However, the success rate were contributed by consistent communication to create awareness and educating target people. The idea then been supported by your intergrity and the manifestation of your ownership on the subject.

After several failure, improvement efforts and timely execution, the idea now had become a process and the standard practise in that company today.

It also takes some leadership skills to make this happens. I'll share with you in my next entry.

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