Simple Things that We Sometime Take for Granted

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Hi again,

Hi .. how are you
It is night, and thanks for still following this blog.  Hope you're smiling today and have a good day.  If  today is not a good day ... don't worry ... it's a new day tomorrow. So make it a good day for you.  Tonight, what I'm going to share is this:
We sometime take for granted some simple things in our daily routine.  Things like greeting people me meet.  Sometimes we're get stuck in a bad traffic where we bring the frustration in traffic to office.  Sometimes, we make mistake on our daily office work which the bosses will spray you with some powerful and heart breaking bullets, and you cannot forget that event where you bring your bad experience to a new day next day.
Try this steps when you face this kind of event.

  • Step one, every morning when you enter your office, again SMILE.
  • Step two, greet everyone you know with a smile and say, "Good morning .. how are you today?"
Well, it may sounds stupid ... but it is something that some of us take for granted. Give it a try and see how it works.

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