Topkapı Palace, Istanbul

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Topkapi from the sea
For 400 years, the Sultans of Ottoman Empire resided here as their official and primary resident. It is now a huge museum which tells a story once an Islamic Empire stood in the edge of Europe and become one of the icon of the civilization of 15th Century.  I took this opportunity to visit this historic site.  I heard and read that some belongings of Prophets Muhammad (SAW) are displayed here.  There are lots of area to cover in this huge palace which give me an impression how the muslims during those year think big in what ever they do ... Just like the superpower today.

Imperal Gate: Wikipedia
To get in, your entered the Imperial Gate, you'll than landed on the First Courtyard.  It is like going back in time.  However, that is just the tip of the iceberg ...  Walking through the beautiful garden facing the bosphorus sea, I'm seeing some kiosk for drinks and meal for visitors. The lawn and the flowers .... amazing.  I think this entry is going to be the longest entry I made so far ... :) .. 

Wikipedia: Royal Mint Building
I passed by the building that used to be the Royal Mint building and also a church called Church of Hagia Eirene.  To tell you the truth .. this is my first time going into a fort or castle ... 

Salutation Gate
The next gate is the Salutation Gate, this is the entrance of Second Courtyard.  To enter, from here forward, you need to pay about TL 20.00 to get in. From my perspective, it worth every penny you pay. The exhibits, the workmanship of this old site, the historical value that it got ... it will go with you in your heart.  You'll remember this experience for a long long time.

Scale Model: Wikipedia
After the security check at the Salutation Gate, I saw the scale model of Topkapi Palace.  Looking at the scale model, and imagine how it looks like back then, I would say it is not a palace but a city !!!!  Then follow the straight marble arranged path to the door toward Third Courtyard.  On the right side of the path are some building which they said to be a kitchen ... a kitchen!!!!! .... suddenly my stomach is growling ... I need something to eat first .... I'll come back in next entry tomorrow.

Note:  I'm still collecting the pictures I took from the visit as it is scatter all around by picture folders.  Once I've organized the picture the wikipedia pictures will be replace with the one that I have. For those picture that I missed I'll still use wikipedia picture

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