Turkish Hospitality

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I've been commuting from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul since February this year. How time flies, it has been 6 months, I've been on this field assignment. Lot of things learned, and I learned new things every time I step in Istanbul.
Today's topic is about Turkish Hospitality. What I learned from each visit was they never failed to greet their guest in their own way. They never fail to smile and say hi even though they did not know you.
Their taxi drivers is the group of people that I always amazed. It worth every penny you spend on them.
I'll share you 2 experiences that I have with them.
Experience 1:
Me and team were working late at in office in European side. It was like 50 km from hotel.
It was late and we need to go hotel. This taxi driver didn't know where was our hotel because it is not within his coverage area. Guess what, he called his friend who knows the way to our hotel.
Then he brought us safely to the hotel ...
Experience 2:
I left my phone in the cab one day. Realizing that it's hotel taxi. I called the hotel to report that I left the phone in the cab.
The reception told me to pick up my phone when I finish work because the driver had returned my phone to the reception desk.
Talking about integrity...probably my taxi friends in Malaysia should take these example as their working culture.

On the other experience not related to taxi driver but related to Turkish people:
During my first visit to Istanbul me and team were greeted at the office by the customer. And they pay us lunch... I told them that I'm their vendor so I should pay the tab.
Guess what did they say ... "You're our guess in our country, so we treat you"
Well that's some experience that I have while in Istanbul. I'm blessed that I did not experiencing an unpleasant moment here in Istanbul.
Thanks Istanbul ... For your Turkish Hospitality.

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