The Eccentric Thrifter: Good Bye Spaces by Linda Jordan

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It was lunch time and as usual I was browsing for new materials for my blog.  Then I landed on this page by Linda Jordan.  She's a veteran genealogist and also making heritage family cookbooks.  A farm-grown nature lover and enjoy working at her greenhouse ... 

Good Bye Spaces Synopsis

This blog entry casually discussed about the closing of Windows Live Space blogs where she places her thought about this in a very simple and nicely worded manner. 

So enjoy her write up by click the link below ...

The Eccentric Thrifter: Good Bye Spaces


Hi ! How are you today ....

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This article is based from Joe Pici's sales teaching on value proposition CD that I bought in one of the sales function. The key points that this article is sharing with the readers on how to connect with people in the workplace and develop your ideas to get support especially with the management by using the skill taught by Joe Pici.

In the first period of his speech, Joe was highlighting the importance of understanding people's behaviour before doing business with them, i.e. we need to understand what type of people are we working with here. Are they the slow paced type for are they the fast pace type?

The slow pace type of people are people who are being analytics before making decision.  They need facts and logics before getting to buy your idea.  The fast pace people are people who are talkers, think fast and energetic ... and usually get things done fast.

Learning from these two type of people, I beginning to realize that there are these people in our workplace.  Usually we find slow pace people among the accounts and engineering side. The fast pace people are usually the sales, marketing and the top managements.

So, how are we going to work with these type of people? Below are some idea that I expand from Joe Pici's teaching.

1. Know yourself first.

Understand which side are you in.  Look at yourself at your workplace.  Are you analytics where you like to spend sometime to study, analyse and then logically articulate your idea or your understanding to people or do you like to be a moderator, where you induce people to talk through various casual and official interaction?

There's nothing wrong with being slow pace or fast pace. It is just to differentiate what type of people you are and how you can use your type to adapt in your working environment.

2. Understand who are the people you're going to work with.

In any event, people appreciate some courtesy.  You will find it quite easy to blend in with people if you understand and know what things that people like and what things that people don't.  Again try to understand what type of people that you're going to work with. Are they the slow pace type or are they the fast pace type...

3.  Start the connections

Once you understand what type of people you're going to work with it's time to connect with them.  Do not go straight to the point and do not irritate them ... you won't get you idea or your intention developed if you irritate the people you're going to work with.  Usually connection starts with simple "Hi .. how are you?" or "Nice dress you have today .... " or some nice and warm wording ... 

See how easy it is to start a conversation.  You can do this with anybody.  Now lets move further on how we relate this to our workplace.

In our day in day out, we usually have ideas what we wanted to share, solution to present to our team members and management.  You may experience your idea been turned down.  Sometime, it been cut down even you've not finished explaining the idea.  It happens to me when I was a junior engineer back 10 to 11 years ago.  

It is quite frustrating when that happen.  I was thinking why that happen until as I gain some experience over the years, I realize that I forgot to start the connection and do my homework on with what type of people I going to work with.  

Connection usually don't start on the desk, it usually start before the office, on the hallway or during lunch.  Upon understanding the type, start with a genuine "hi how are you ..." ... and then have a casual talk about weather, traffic or lunch .. anything that set up the environment.  

Upon establishing the comfort in conversation, then start approaching the person with issues or challenge that you're facing to create some awareness in him/her.  Make sure he/she understand the issue/challenge then offer a time to further discuss the issue.  You can give some initial idea about the solution you have but don't give too much information to him/her, you can expand that idea in a follow up discussion with him/her.

Then, when you got the time from him/her then start sending email to him/her confirming the time.    This usually works for ideas or solution that you feel going to give some turning point in your career or your next appraisal session.

Some mistake that I made in my early days was sending email to a list of people mentioning about the issue/challenge and straight away mention about the solution.  Then I called for a meeting without giving some chance for those people to fully understand my intention.  

The teachings from Joe Pici in his Value Proposition speech, helps to properly articulate the manner to make connection to people and present the ideas and solution in workplace. 

In the next entry of Hi ! How are you today ... I'll share the choice of words that worth trying when presenting some ideas....


Leadership : Belief in Values

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In this article series, I'm going to highlight values as the core elements in developing leadership.

What is values?

Values are what we learned through nature or how we are nurtured.  As we go deeper in gaining experience, we are expose to various nature of thinking and values.  Leaders .... no matter how he/she been nurtured will use nature to build his/her values... and values varied to different people and organization.  

Throughout the exposure in organizational nature for 13 years, I have and still carries ... values of ownership toward work.  Taking ownership on you work means you are in control and when you're in control you make decision.  When you make decision, you are moving one point to another in your career and in your life. 

So what is your values?


"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!"

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Source : Wikipedia
In "Alice in Wonderland", The Rabbit sang "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!".  The Rabbit appears at the beginning of the story running back and forth looking at the clock and shouting the infamous word .. "I'm late! .. I'm late!" ... then mistaken Alice as his servant .... and the story goes on ... 

Lets us pause there for now and look at the character "The Rabbit". The behavior seems to imitate what we(who work in the office .. especially) always do ... which are rushing to work, hopping from one meeting room to another, taking phone call after one and another (during peak hours ... especially when dealing with demanding clients) .... and the best part (if you remember), losing track on when the last email our colleague send us ... especially when he/she tries to get some update from us on some of the task assigned to us.  And the infamous word that came out during lunch conversation were ...." too many things to do ... too less time"

Well, that is part and parcel of life in office during highly busy time .... and we sometimes brought it back to home (well.... few of us did ...) and start forgetting where we put the car keys and remote.  And the infamous word that came out from our mouth when someone ... especially our love one asking why we didn't pay the bill (for example) .. was ... "I was catching up deadline .. I don't have time ..... "

The point that I'm trying to raise here is time challenge ... it is something that everybody encounter ... from housewife to corporate CEO ... and time challenge is now a business opportunity for some training organizer .. where they introduce ... TIME MANAGEMENT skill course.

If we re-look back at ourselves and compare it to other people around us ... none of us have extra hours in a day ... everybody have 24 hours a day ... from a baby to the old lady next door (that's my neighbour ....) they have 24 hours a day ... then the question is how some people can perform 10 tasks in a day and some cannot even finish 1 task in a day .... my personal answer is WE ARE HUMAN .... we have characters and we have habits ... and those 2 elements determine how focus we are to some task and how we appreciate the 24 hours...

Identifying our own character and habits, will help us to focus on priority and control our own time.  Time is commodity. The knowledge, skill and how well we manage the time will determine how far we go in our career and our daily life.

I will exploring more on this topic ... so stay tune with iskandarinperson ... there will be more to come ....


Antalya Marathon Mar 2010

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The third marathon since 2009 and a month after Putrajaya Marathon. I was on Istanbul assignment for a month. So I took this opportunity to run in Antalya Marathon.

In terms of training module, it is just maintaining the current training program that I'm doing.  I did 10 km this time as not want to pressure myself since I'm on assignment.  I spend 2 week before going to Istanbul running on the road and another 2 weeks in Istanbul running on threadmill. 

Mediteranean Sea
Antalya is about 700 km from Istanbul and I took one hour flight to get there.  Weather was excellent at that time in Antalya, where it was about 18-19 Degree C compared to Istanbul temperature of 7-9 Degree C.

Not much that I know about Antalya except colleague in Istanbul mentioned that it is a tourist area where lots of historic place as back as Byzantine Empire can be found here.  But this trip is not much about looking the historical place because my plan was to take a flight on Saturday, pick up the racing kit, check in to hotel, run and come back to Istanbul the next day.

I took the low fare flight called Pegasus at Sabiha Gokhen International Airport, which cost me around 150 Turkish Lira round trip and manage to get a good deal on room for Euro 69.00 per night at the Titanic Beach and Resort Hotel.  The rate does not include breakfast buuuuttttt ... include all you can eat DINNERRRRRR....

Taxi fare from Antalya Airport was around TL 60 to the race-kit collection center and about TL 70 to the resort.  I've only manage to walk around the resort enjoying the sun set, having a good dinner and ready for tomorrow's race. 

I met some friends from Istanbul Runner and decided to run with them tomorrow morning.

The race starts at 9:00 a.m. At the starting line I can see Malaysian Flag been hanged at the starting board. It make me proud since I'm the only Malaysian running in that race.

Upon release the first few kilometers were mainly asphalt road so not much a problem, then the thrill begin ... I was running into the town which still maintain the old Roman architecture and then I saw some group of people dress in Centurion with spears singing some song .. in Turkish I believe ... passing that group I saw few ambulance start crawling around the area ... then I felt my feet was stepping on a unfamilar ground ... it's roman brick road .. and it's killing my feet ... I stumbed into several brick and it hurts ... 

Next the running sign brought me to a another road ... it's under construction road .. oooo mine .. there goes my feet and knees... I'm didn't anticipate such terrain ... 

The run ends at the stadium which I'm glad that I'm getting some flat surface for my feet ... buutttt .. the terrain now was dirt and grass ... running on grass it not that bad ... it feels like running on a cushion after bombarding the foot with different kind of terrain ... 

In the end .. I've finish my run, claim the medal and enjoy the mediteranean fruits and drinks at the refreshment area. .... It was an enjoyable run eventhough the leg's hurts.

Too bad I have to catch up my Sunday evening flight to Istanbul for work tomorrow ... One good thing about being in Istanbul ... after a harsh day punishing my body ... I reward myself with a nice Turkish Bath at the Hotel SPA ... nothing beats the feeling after the massage ... 

My first Monday word after getting out from bed was "Did I ran 10 km in Antalya yesterday?  ... that's 700 km away from here dude ... don't believe that I did that ... However the picture below marked that .... I was in Antalya running during weekend. 


Putrajaya Marathon 2010 Feb ... 21 km ...

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Credit : Hooha
I would say this is the most well prepared run I had since Singapore Marathon in December 2009.  Eventhough it is quite challenging to prepare for 21 km after only one 10 km run competition ... it is the need inside that wanted to push ownself beyond the limit.  

After reading and getting some feedback from various people, I placed a four steps program that help me to prepare for the 21 km run. 

The goal of this run is to finish the run. Time is not really my concern in this run.

Step 1: 2 x 15 minutes session

In this step, I'd spend 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the evening to condition my muscle to run continously for 15 minutes.  The rest 15 minutes in the session is the warm-up and stretching period.  

In that 15 minutes run session I started to jog and increase to speed to the level my leg muscle start to feel some pain then I stop, relax and look at how far the distance i could cover.  Then I continue the same step until the 15 minutes is over.  After that, followed by a breeze walk and warm-up activity.  

I keep doing the same activity for about 2 weeks until i got a distance of 2 km within 15 minutes.  I did that day and night.... of course there's pain here and there but I did not push myself when I encountered the pain ... when the muscle starts feeling tired I stop running for about a minute or two and then continue to run again after that.  So basically, the leg muscle is conditioned slowly for the run and the benefits of it is i didn't injured myself.

Step 2 :  2 x 30 minutes run

My wife starts to jog
After two weeks, my wife starts joining me running... but not for the run but just for herself.  At weekend, the kids starts joining too ... so there's a motivation there ... so instead of running around my neighborhood area, I went to public playground about 3 km from my home.  

I repeated the program, now instead of running for 15 minutes, I ran for 30 minutes with the same method in mind.

Running around the Tasik Cempaka .. that was challenging !!!! I was running uphill and down hill. It really kill my leg, especially the knee... but since I've conditioned myself on the first two week, recovery is fast ... 

Step 3 : Get a Coach

Zairinator Zam
On weekend morning, taa daaa the coach came in .... hmm who am I to have a coach ... its my good friend Zairin, the IronMan ... he is triathlete and still going at the age of late 30s...  

This is what Zairin did to me.
We ran together at Putrajaya jogging track near his house ... first session, he was a bit relax ... but on the second session ... he was killing me with his speed... luckily I survive his session after 2 bottle of 1 litre drinking water, I got my breathe back ... Thanks pal....

Step 4 : Pray

After 6 weeks of training, I'm feeling better now, I can wake up in the morning without feeling tired. I can last longer hours in the office.  It feels fresh .. and I like this feeling ... The night has come and there I am standing among the crowd waiting the horn to blow ... sharp at 8:30 p.m. Putrajaya Night Marathon 10 KM Category runners were released ... so what I did ... pray for the best that I could complete it in one piece ... 

Wee .. at finish line
First 1 km I did it in 6 minutes ... that's impressive ... then at 10 km mark ... 1 Hour 29 minutes and 59 Sec ... well that is much more impressive .. and finally at the end point ... 3 hours and 50 minutes .and i'm not panting...just steady running .. pick-up the medal .. meet some friends, laughing and drive to the closest restaurant and eat like I never ate for 3 days ... 

The next day, there a few muscle pain here and there but I can still go to office and work fresh ... 

At this point ... I said to myself ... a new passion is born .... 

Thanks yalll....for the support.


Ordinary things Extraordinary story.

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Watching the Discovery Science Channel tonight with topic "How do they do it", a striking sentence calls for my attention. It's "Ordinary things ... extraordinary story". Let's explore this sentence and associate it with the values that this blog carry.

On daily basis, we commute to work, have meetings, preparing some documentations and talk to people.  For a working class people like us, it is something ordinary that we do.  We sometimes doesn't realize that what ordinary things to us is something extraordinary for some other people.

Try to write something about your workplace, it doesn't have to be by commenting this article but you can do it by your own.  Pick one item that you find at your workplace and try to write something about it and share it with your friends.  Play around with some word placement.  You may realized that you've learned new things from your workplace.

Source: Bright Eye
Who knows you might make a living out of it.... the point that I'm trying to make here is, if you spend sometime at your workplace looking at ordinary things from a different perspectives, you'll learn more and subconsciously you're building a positive perspective about your workplace and yourselves.  

Positive, productive and successful people work differently every time. Thus, they never get bored with their job, career and their life.  


I dreamed of Jeannie

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Source : Foxnews
I believe people at my age probably had seen this series. Just by a blink of an eye ... your wish comes true. A comedy sitcom back in 60's and 70's which later been played again and again by TV Station around the world including Malaysia.

I was about 10-12 years old at that time when the series played by Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman went on air.  What's interest me was Jeannie, by the blink of her eye, made Captain Tony Nelson's dream or wish comes true.  

The key point here is dream ... We all dream of something, dream of achieving something ... the difference is we don't have a Jeannie to blink her eyes for us.  We need to put action and plan to replace Jeannie.

Source: Wikipedia
Dream is not a bad thing ... it differentiate between a person who controls their life and those who lose control ... 

Dream creates vision and vision is what have in leaders.  Vision with action produces result and achievement.  Vision with out action is day dreaming and action without vision is nightmare ... 

You're not going anywhere if you keep having nightmare... 


Changes in Category

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Hi readers, 

There will be a minor changes on the category effective immediately.  Category "Blog Admin" is now "Announcement". I believe the changes represents a more accurate picture about this category. 



Introducing My Malaysia

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Source : The Hot Pink Diaries
Yesterday, marked my 50th blog entry.  Still small compared to those who already been in blogsphere for sometime.  I've somehow reach to a level that if I did not write one article a day, I'll become uneasy.  So to add-up some more spice in this blog ... introducing new entry category which is "My Malaysia".

This category will be everything about Malaysia, from travel, food, the people ... again I'm inducing positive and pleasant ambient for this blog.


We are What we Eat ....

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Something to ponder ... 

  • Have you ever see a friend of yours who can memories thing so easily .. especially names? 
  • Are you amaze with the skill these people shows?
  • Some of them shows how they build the memory skill but have you ever ask what food do they eat?
Source : Weight watchers diet
Do you realize that if you eat differently, you'll be developing some skills or specialty that relates to the food you eat?  For example, marathon athlete eat differently than non-running people.... couch potato eat differently from book worm ... 

To be healthy, we need to eat healthily ... in the next entry will be my placement on how to develop a healthy diet.


Leadership Building : Again it is about you ...

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Source : Virtual Project Consulting
In previous article about leadership building, We have touch about Myers Briggs Type Indicator to identify what type of person we are in terms of the 4 letter representation.  Let explore those letters and associate it with these 4 questions:
  • How do you use your energy when you mingle with people around you?
  • How do you process the information that comes to you?
  • How do you usually make decision?
  • How do you organize your life?
According to the teaching, there are 16 personality type can be produced by the questionnaire.  These 16 types are:
From what I learned from Insight, this is called "The House of 16".  I'll make 16 entries explaining each individual personality type means.


Malaysia Day.

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Source : Wikipedia
It's public holiday again ... I'm seeing this event as pro and cons. The pro is we are getting two big states that made the government political coverage to become bigger and on the con we are losing the key island that was the center of Malayan culture and economy.All this year since 1969, Malaysian took this day as an observed day and not at Public Holiday. On this day in 1969, we are accepting two new states to become a member of newly born country which are Sabah and Sarawak and Singapore was given an autonomous power to become a new nation.Twelve years after independence in 1969, Sept 16. Federation of Malay Land or Malaya, changed it's name to Malaysia. For the first time today we celebrate the inauguration of a newly born nation called Malaysia.
As a result of this, Singapore had grown to a strong nation as per today where it become the South Asia economy hub and power.
Malaysia is not far behind now..thru the mistake we made, we also has emerge as one of economic power in South East Asia ...
From where I'm seeing this, it is more on political strategy that for some particular reason inspired Malaysian to work harder after seeing Singapore success in building their country.  It also indicate how Malaysia is growing and moving toward maturity.  In the path of growth, it is norm that we lose some and gain some ...

To my fellow Malaysian ... wishing you a great Malaysian Day ...


Singapore Marathon ... actually it is just 10 km run

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Singapore, December 2009, my first 10 km run.  Me and my colleague took the AirAsia flight in the morning one day before.  The next day, Singapore is like celebrating this Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Everybody I found was wearing the blue and green running shirt. The 10 km run was set at 9:00 a.m.  So we prepared, warmed up and scretch while waiting for the release.

It was few minutes before the run, everybody lined up at the starting line and stacked for about few hundred meters.  The horn sound and I saw a see of people in blue and green filling the city road.  The feeling was amazing for a newbies like me.

I did not prepare well for this run so todays run is going to be a short run and lots of walking.  However, the tournament feel for some particular reason had push my mind to push myself to run.  Bad decision ... as a result ... pain everywhere from the ankle to tight just after 2 km run.  Then followed by cramped.

The medical team along the road was really helpful providing immediate assistance.  Relaxing my muscle for a few minutes and then a slow walked and followed increasing the walking speed ... I manage finally to finish the run with a slow jog to the finishing line.

Lesson learned from this run .... get yourself trained and conditioned for the run before going into any.... I learned my lesson well in this run.


Running for Own Reason

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Introducing a new category for this blog called Running for Own Reason.  In this category, I'll be sharing with you the experience of my newly picked up hobby about 1 year ago.... running.  I'll be sharing the experience I have running in Singapore Marathon, Antalya Turkey Marathon and Putrajaya Night Marathon.

At the sametime I'll place some interesting entry about few running tips and on-going experience and articles related to running which I picked up from several blogs and webpage.


Just look at the fooodddd.....

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Entry today is a bit late ... due to several trip I took and some picture compilation made today.

It's second day of Eid ... it's food adventure time...  I'm bringing by family for a ride around the area to friends and family house ... Below are some food and cuisine pictures taken from today's food exploration.  And I still can manage to control my cholesterol intake ... ... sort of..


Leadership Building ... it's nobody .. nobody but ... YOU

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Taken from
In my previous workplace talk, I've touched on the Leadership Building where concentration was place on the building the leadership skill.  One of the 6 elements is "nobody .. nobody but YOU!!!"

You and me, we're just a creature of habits. We got our own comfortable way of doing things.  However, when we work in the organization, it is good to know how to make use of our own personality (in terms of your perception and decision making) to contribute to the organizational goal.  There is a tool I learned and it is called Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It tells you (not at 100%) what are the traits you (again on how you perceive your surrounding and how you make decision) have through answering few questions about yourself.

On the high level, the tool is assessing and trying to tell:
  • How do you use your energy when you mingle with people around you.
  • How do you process the information that comes to you.
  • How do you usually make decision.
  • How do you organize your life.
There are 4 pairs of measures that explains the high level assessment above which are:
  • E = Extraversion. or I = Introversion. (E/I)
  • S = Sensing or N = Intuition (S/N)
  • T = Thinking or F = Feeling. (T/F)
  • J = Judging or P = Perception. (J/P)
Let me explain more about E/I, S/N, T/F and J/P.
  • E/I  : Tells you how do you use your energy when you face with people or simply called Attitude.
  • S/N : Tells you how do you process information comes to you or simply called how's your perceiving function.
  • T/F  : Tells you how you usually make decisions or simply called how's your judging function.
  • J/P  : Tell you how you organise your life or simply called how's your lifestyle.
You can get further readings from The main points of this article is captured from the mentioned website.

You can get some information about yourself through answering these questionaire.(Click at "questionaire" to proceed).

I'm placing a link for you to try here. Again, this is not an accurate representation of yourself. It is a study made base of several sampling from certain crowd of people on how they behave and how management will make use of those traits in organization.  

At the end of the day, YOU are the one who dictate who you are, how you're going to be and where you're going to be.  

We'll talk more about this in our next entry.


Simplicity in health

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I would like to invite the reader to imagine a simple analogy of health.... children.

Why children? I would use this simple example because their life is so simple and healthy. (I'm using my 4 years old boy as an example).

Just look at the way they think, they eat and their activities.  The moment they wake up, first thing is to clean up, dress up, eat and PLAY.  While, we are in rush to go to work, they are in rush to PLAY.

While we worry about bills to pay ... they have no worries and have a clear mind.

Clear mind is the point that I'm trying to highlight here.  Health start with a clear mind.  The rest will follow later.


It's Hari Raya

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A festive day ... a winning day after one month of fasting ... for kids it's a really meaningful day..waking up early in the morning, putting new clothes, family get together ... it is just so wonderful day that happens once a year.

This year's celebration is in Perlis, my in-laws house.  Such a friendly neighborhood at the countryside.  The house is in the middle of paddy field .. it's all greenish here and in the middle of this green ocean, an island where few families stayed and make a living farming and some other countryside works.

We gathered at the living room in the morning, wishing everyone, forgive and forget, and handing some token in form of cash in small envelope...Chinese call it "Ang Pau".  Next we walk to the musallah for Eid prayer.   The session takes about 1 to 1 and half hour before the whole neighbourhood walked from home to home wishing everybody Eid Mubarak and enjoy some dishes offered by the host.

This tradition has been going for nearly 50 years now and nothing has change ....  what I like about today is the food .. abundance of food from morning to night ... since I'm close to 40 years old now .. I'll be controlling my cholesterol intake for today. 

To my muslim friend around the world ... happy Eid Mubarak... and ramazan bayrami to my Turkish friends.


Life in Perlis

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This is the life I dreamed.  Time seems to be very long here.  The weather is hot and humid .. but the heart is not.  Driving calmly on the road next to the irrigation channel and flanked by teak trees plus breeze blowing from the flat land of the green paddy field makes the evening drive in this country road a very pleasant and relaxing one.

It is one day before raya.  My 4 year old boy insisted me to bring him around the area. He wanted to see the paddy field and the water.  This is my country ride story with my boy.

This is my in-law's home.  Facing the paddy field and flanked by series of manggo trees.

Road from home along the field and irrigation channel.

The paddy field, I think this portion of time is the harvesting month.... need to check with father in-law...

At Simpang Ampat town ... looking what's to buy here ... 

The town ... very .. very .. very ... relaxing ... no honks !!!! 

My favourite drive ... along the irrigation... my boy is fast asleep at this time.

The village name ... if I were to translate .. it meant Feeder Number 3 Itchy Ant Village...

closing to home ... 

They call this "bangsal" ... it is place rest & lookout place facing the paddy field .. very ... very ... very nice view ...

Home sweet home ...

This is a little story of my trip from home and going around Tambun Tulang area. ...