Antalya Marathon Mar 2010

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The third marathon since 2009 and a month after Putrajaya Marathon. I was on Istanbul assignment for a month. So I took this opportunity to run in Antalya Marathon.

In terms of training module, it is just maintaining the current training program that I'm doing.  I did 10 km this time as not want to pressure myself since I'm on assignment.  I spend 2 week before going to Istanbul running on the road and another 2 weeks in Istanbul running on threadmill. 

Mediteranean Sea
Antalya is about 700 km from Istanbul and I took one hour flight to get there.  Weather was excellent at that time in Antalya, where it was about 18-19 Degree C compared to Istanbul temperature of 7-9 Degree C.

Not much that I know about Antalya except colleague in Istanbul mentioned that it is a tourist area where lots of historic place as back as Byzantine Empire can be found here.  But this trip is not much about looking the historical place because my plan was to take a flight on Saturday, pick up the racing kit, check in to hotel, run and come back to Istanbul the next day.

I took the low fare flight called Pegasus at Sabiha Gokhen International Airport, which cost me around 150 Turkish Lira round trip and manage to get a good deal on room for Euro 69.00 per night at the Titanic Beach and Resort Hotel.  The rate does not include breakfast buuuuttttt ... include all you can eat DINNERRRRRR....

Taxi fare from Antalya Airport was around TL 60 to the race-kit collection center and about TL 70 to the resort.  I've only manage to walk around the resort enjoying the sun set, having a good dinner and ready for tomorrow's race. 

I met some friends from Istanbul Runner and decided to run with them tomorrow morning.

The race starts at 9:00 a.m. At the starting line I can see Malaysian Flag been hanged at the starting board. It make me proud since I'm the only Malaysian running in that race.

Upon release the first few kilometers were mainly asphalt road so not much a problem, then the thrill begin ... I was running into the town which still maintain the old Roman architecture and then I saw some group of people dress in Centurion with spears singing some song .. in Turkish I believe ... passing that group I saw few ambulance start crawling around the area ... then I felt my feet was stepping on a unfamilar ground ... it's roman brick road .. and it's killing my feet ... I stumbed into several brick and it hurts ... 

Next the running sign brought me to a another road ... it's under construction road .. oooo mine .. there goes my feet and knees... I'm didn't anticipate such terrain ... 

The run ends at the stadium which I'm glad that I'm getting some flat surface for my feet ... buutttt .. the terrain now was dirt and grass ... running on grass it not that bad ... it feels like running on a cushion after bombarding the foot with different kind of terrain ... 

In the end .. I've finish my run, claim the medal and enjoy the mediteranean fruits and drinks at the refreshment area. .... It was an enjoyable run eventhough the leg's hurts.

Too bad I have to catch up my Sunday evening flight to Istanbul for work tomorrow ... One good thing about being in Istanbul ... after a harsh day punishing my body ... I reward myself with a nice Turkish Bath at the Hotel SPA ... nothing beats the feeling after the massage ... 

My first Monday word after getting out from bed was "Did I ran 10 km in Antalya yesterday?  ... that's 700 km away from here dude ... don't believe that I did that ... However the picture below marked that .... I was in Antalya running during weekend. 

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  1. wow... jealousnya tgk orang blh lari laju2 nih.. im working with armed forces, but really, lari adalah satu benda yg blh bg i tekanan.. especially during PT test.. hahahaha