Grand Bazaar ... Women Best Friend

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Grand Bazaar crowd
Why did I say Grand Bazaar is women's best friend?  It is because it is a shopping arcade.  

Actually it is not entirely true, it's men's best friend too .. for those who like shopping and bargaining.  

I talked to one of the arcade owner, Mehmet while doing some shopping and bargaining ... the Bazaar is about 640 years old and still standing strong.  Crowd is everywhere ... it is here that I first taste the Turkish Coffee .. it taste like expresso.. :)

Prices for sourviner item are quite reasonable but you can get a good buy if you have the bargaining skill.  To get here from Hagia Sofia is by the Zeytinburnu tram...just pay 1.50 Lira toward Çarşıkapı and get down there.

I went there each time I visit Istanbul and from my experience taking the taxi, walking and taking the tram... the recommended way to go there from any place is through tram .. it is just 1.50 Lira from any direction.  Walking is highly not recommended especially from Hagia Sophia ... simply because it is a very long walking distance unless you want to enjoy the city ambient.

Turkish Coffee
This is my first turkish coffee which I took from one of the cafe in Grand Bazaar.  Actually it is not just the  coffee... it comes with soda, sandwiches and some other menus.  This was as a result me and colleague trying to be adventurous walking from the Eminonu port, passing through the spice bazaar, walking through the alley ... that's about few kilometers... no wonder we felt so hungry ... and thirsty.... :)

Anyone for shawl or pesmina?
The Bazaar is huge, I would recommend you spend half a day here if you plan to visit.  So many things to look at and so many things to bargain.  But if you, just for window shopping and small sourviner shopping ... 2 hours fast walk should cover most of the area.  

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