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The keyword for this topic is simple.  Healthy food.  So many times we been told that "we are what we eat".  My first impression on that word is if we eat an elephant then we become an elephant?  Well it is something like that ... I was 10 years old when I heard about this phrase.

Today is the first entry of the new category of this blog. The author will place in a simple talking about health and diet.  The intention is more on sharing basic awareness to healthy food and diet.  

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I got a good friend who is a tri-athlete ... I'll be getting some simple tips from him and my wife's home business is about healthy food and supplement.  So let me see what information I can put together into this blog.

My nature of work also demands some kind of health and diet practices to cater for the frequent travel and tight schedule.  Furthermore, as a parent to 3 active kids, it also demand some health and diet practice.

Keep following in this category as I'll share you my experience and people I met and read about health and diet.

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  1. Oh, I love healthy food (well, I consider anything consumed in moderation and with pleasure pretty much healthy) and I love traveling... Nice entry!

  2. Hi Lena, it is great to know that you love healthy food and I'm delightful to understand that you're having your trip to Asia starting this Oct 5. I'll be following your story ... looking forward to read your travel story ...