I dreamed of Jeannie

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I believe people at my age probably had seen this series. Just by a blink of an eye ... your wish comes true. A comedy sitcom back in 60's and 70's which later been played again and again by TV Station around the world including Malaysia.

I was about 10-12 years old at that time when the series played by Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman went on air.  What's interest me was Jeannie, by the blink of her eye, made Captain Tony Nelson's dream or wish comes true.  

The key point here is dream ... We all dream of something, dream of achieving something ... the difference is we don't have a Jeannie to blink her eyes for us.  We need to put action and plan to replace Jeannie.

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Dream is not a bad thing ... it differentiate between a person who controls their life and those who lose control ... 

Dream creates vision and vision is what have in leaders.  Vision with action produces result and achievement.  Vision with out action is day dreaming and action without vision is nightmare ... 

You're not going anywhere if you keep having nightmare... 

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  1. Yes...yes..i can still remember,I DREAM OF JEANNIE.I was still schooling at that time.Anyway..nice blog to follow.

  2. It show how "young" we are now ... hehehe