Leadership Building

5:00 PM Iskandar Hussein 2 Comments

Leadership is a skill that you can develop yourselves.  Some people said that leadership is a talent and for some particular reason I could not deny that statement.  In this entry, I will concerntrate more on developing your leadership skills.  Talent is something I could not identify from you through this blog, so it is very hard to talk about leadership talent without face-to-face interaction.

In January 2008, I went for a leadership training (Insight) organized by company I worked.  The training shows a model that help you to build leadership in us and within the organization. The model starts from:

  1. You
  2. Belief & Value
  3. Attitude and Behaviour
  4. Your Preferred Stype of Communication.
  5. Managing Change and Your Personal Development.
  6. How to Create Value for Organization

In my next entry I will explore the six elements of leadership building.

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  1. Great blog and i love leadership trainings/seminars/building.I`m a tour operator/planner/guide and definitely needs coaching by leadership mentors and professional trainers like yourself.Waiting for your next posts.

  2. Hi kenalinegaraku4u2c, thanks for following the blog. Just wanna to clear something to avoid any confusing... I'm just an ordinary person sharing my experience and training I had to the crowd. So I'm not a professional trainer ... yet ... but you inspire me to start working towards that..