Ordinary things Extraordinary story.

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Watching the Discovery Science Channel tonight with topic "How do they do it", a striking sentence calls for my attention. It's "Ordinary things ... extraordinary story". Let's explore this sentence and associate it with the values that this blog carry.

On daily basis, we commute to work, have meetings, preparing some documentations and talk to people.  For a working class people like us, it is something ordinary that we do.  We sometimes doesn't realize that what ordinary things to us is something extraordinary for some other people.

Try to write something about your workplace, it doesn't have to be by commenting this article but you can do it by your own.  Pick one item that you find at your workplace and try to write something about it and share it with your friends.  Play around with some word placement.  You may realized that you've learned new things from your workplace.

Source: Bright Eye
Who knows you might make a living out of it.... the point that I'm trying to make here is, if you spend sometime at your workplace looking at ordinary things from a different perspectives, you'll learn more and subconsciously you're building a positive perspective about your workplace and yourselves.  

Positive, productive and successful people work differently every time. Thus, they never get bored with their job, career and their life.  

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