Singapore Marathon ... actually it is just 10 km run

5:00 PM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

Singapore, December 2009, my first 10 km run.  Me and my colleague took the AirAsia flight in the morning one day before.  The next day, Singapore is like celebrating this Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Everybody I found was wearing the blue and green running shirt. The 10 km run was set at 9:00 a.m.  So we prepared, warmed up and scretch while waiting for the release.

It was few minutes before the run, everybody lined up at the starting line and stacked for about few hundred meters.  The horn sound and I saw a see of people in blue and green filling the city road.  The feeling was amazing for a newbies like me.

I did not prepare well for this run so todays run is going to be a short run and lots of walking.  However, the tournament feel for some particular reason had push my mind to push myself to run.  Bad decision ... as a result ... pain everywhere from the ankle to tight just after 2 km run.  Then followed by cramped.

The medical team along the road was really helpful providing immediate assistance.  Relaxing my muscle for a few minutes and then a slow walked and followed increasing the walking speed ... I manage finally to finish the run with a slow jog to the finishing line.

Lesson learned from this run .... get yourself trained and conditioned for the run before going into any.... I learned my lesson well in this run.

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