Singapore : Second Day and Going Home

5:00 PM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

My initial plan is to take return flight .. but what the heck ... for the sake of travelling since this trip is more on personal trip .. I decided to take the delegate bus offered by the organizer. This way, I'll have more chances to take picture and make some entries along the way.  

This is the second day of the convention, I'm pretty fired up and motivated with the talks and group activities.  It is time for me to come back to office and start applying what I've learned.  Since I'm writing about travelling here, I'm not going to touch a lot on the content of the convention.  It is more about places I passes and went in.

It is Ramadhan month at the time I visit Singapore. So no food talk ... just places....

This is Toa Payoh Mall. A strip mall where various merchandise can be seen here.  Good buy and good bargain too.

Project U & I exhibition. About 400 hand made dolls were handicrafted by school kids around Singapore representing different customs around the world.

Some views at the strip mall at Toa Payoh mall.  Nice and pleasant ambience.

Perak Road at 4 a.m. 

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