Singapore : Sidestep from Istanbul

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We talked about Istanbul for number of entry since the beginning of this blog. Today, I'm en-route to Singapore for some sales convention.  Something that way out of my current profession.  This is a two days one night trip. The objective of this trip is more on learning on how to keep myself motivated in selling my idea using the conventional sales techniques ... (just want to do something out of the box once in a while) ... and since I'm in Singapore, I'll take some pictures on places I went within these two short days.

The convention schedule today is quiet tight so it is very hard for me to update this blog. So I'm adjusting the update time for tomorrow to Monday.  

Anyway, there's about 6 session today which really an eye opener to me on how to motivate the team I work with and also to ensure that ideas or sales are properly flowed to the target market. 

Value proposition techniques was highlighted today and several convincing method was presented by prominent speakers. Some of them are using some simple prop to ensure the message goes to the heart of the audience.

In the blend in session today, i learned a lot from the experience practitioner on how to properly motivate ownselves and sustaining the momentum.

The session was so productive that I forgot to take picture of the conference. I am going to try to get some pictures from this conference tomorrow.  

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