"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!"

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In "Alice in Wonderland", The Rabbit sang "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!".  The Rabbit appears at the beginning of the story running back and forth looking at the clock and shouting the infamous word .. "I'm late! .. I'm late!" ... then mistaken Alice as his servant .... and the story goes on ... 

Lets us pause there for now and look at the character "The Rabbit". The behavior seems to imitate what we(who work in the office .. especially) always do ... which are rushing to work, hopping from one meeting room to another, taking phone call after one and another (during peak hours ... especially when dealing with demanding clients) .... and the best part (if you remember), losing track on when the last email our colleague send us ... especially when he/she tries to get some update from us on some of the task assigned to us.  And the infamous word that came out during lunch conversation were ...." too many things to do ... too less time"

Well, that is part and parcel of life in office during highly busy time .... and we sometimes brought it back to home (well.... few of us did ...) and start forgetting where we put the car keys and remote.  And the infamous word that came out from our mouth when someone ... especially our love one asking why we didn't pay the bill (for example) .. was ... "I was catching up deadline .. I don't have time ..... "

The point that I'm trying to raise here is time challenge ... it is something that everybody encounter ... from housewife to corporate CEO ... and time challenge is now a business opportunity for some training organizer .. where they introduce ... TIME MANAGEMENT skill course.

If we re-look back at ourselves and compare it to other people around us ... none of us have extra hours in a day ... everybody have 24 hours a day ... from a baby to the old lady next door (that's my neighbour ....) they have 24 hours a day ... then the question is how some people can perform 10 tasks in a day and some cannot even finish 1 task in a day .... my personal answer is WE ARE HUMAN .... we have characters and we have habits ... and those 2 elements determine how focus we are to some task and how we appreciate the 24 hours...

Identifying our own character and habits, will help us to focus on priority and control our own time.  Time is commodity. The knowledge, skill and how well we manage the time will determine how far we go in our career and our daily life.

I will exploring more on this topic ... so stay tune with iskandarinperson ... there will be more to come ....

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