Topkapi Palace ... Second Round

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Gate of Felicity: By Kuznetsov Sergey 

From the scale model area, walking towards the Gate of Felicity the entrance toward the third courtyard.  On my left was the palace kitchen. And the rest, I'll let the picture taken tells the story.

Tulip and Carnation Garden
I passed through the Gate of Felicity and moving into the third courtyard.  It is the garden of white tulip, carnations and roses.  It is just beautiful.  

Stone Marker of the Holy Banner
At the Gate of Felicity there is a stone on the floor, and been gated.  Being curious to know what it is, I read the info pad next to it.  It is made to my understanding that it is the stone marker for the Holy Banner. It was said that the banner of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was unfurled here.

That reminds me to a word of mouth saying that some possession of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was handed over to the Ottoman Empire ruler to be store here in Topkapi Palace.  It made me curious to what and where in the building it was store.  It brings me to a place called the  Apartment of the Sacred Relics, also known as the Privy Chambers, where relics belonging to the Prophet Muhammed and his companions are preserve.  Here I saw the sword of Prophet Muhammad SAW, the foot print and some other belongings to Great Prophet.  I could not take the picture due to being so mesmerized by the belonging and I would reckon you come down to Topkapi Palace and see it yourself.  I do not know why I don't have the heart to take those picture ... my respect to him was so much that everything that belongs to him was sacred. 

You need to experience it yourself.  

I believe that's would be my entry for Topkapi Palace for now.  I'll try to furnish more picture about this wonderful palace in my next visit to Istanbul.  

In my next visit to Istanbul, somewhere in October , I'm going to put more entry on Topkapi palace to share.  

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  1. The next trip has been confirmed to be on end of October. Lets see what other stories can be shared ... stay tune ...