From Zero to Legend II

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This article is a continuation of From Zero to Legend I. In previous article, author was discussing about P.Ramlee's historical path from starting his musical career until he was found in 1948 and sharing some clues that we can learn from that historical path.  In this article, again author will be continuing P.Ramlee's historical path from 1948 until 1973 and how his historical path can build some significant clue towards our workplace and/or daily work.  This article is currently been written while author is in Istanbul, so you might find an odd hours release of this article.

From 1948 through 1973

Starting from 1948, author will be focusing on P.Ramlee's new role in film industry.  Between this period, we will see how P.Ramlee evolved his works from acting to directing film and share the result of his works below.  His work is now a household name and been played continuously until now.

It has been recorded that P.Ramlee had acted in 60 films and directed about 37 film.[3] That's within 25 years ... what an amazing productivity we can see from him. Looking at this we could see he produced/worked on 3-4 films in year.

Source : P-Ramlee Cyber Museum
Let see the result of his work. I'll select a few:
  • Hang Tuah film won the Best Musical Score in 3rd Asian Film Festival Hong Kong in 1956.
  • The same film went for Official Screening at the 7th Berlin International Festival in 1957.
  • Anak ku Sazali won Best Male Actor in 4th Asian Film Festival in Tokyo in 1957.
  • Sumpah Orang Minyak won the Best Black and White Photography, in 5th Asian Film Festival in Manila in 1958.
  • In 1959, Pendekar Bujang Lapok won the Best Comedy Award in 6th Asian Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 1960, Nujum Pak Belalang won the Best Comedy Award in 7th Asian Film Festival in Tokyo.
  • 1962, Seniman Bujang Lapok was nominated for Best Comedy Award in 9th Asian Film Festival in Seoul.
  • 1963, He won Best Comedy for film called "Love Parade" and won Most Versatile Talent and Best Black and White Photography for his Ibu Mertuaku Film in the 10th Asian Film Festival in Tokyo.
  • And the list goes on... for a list of awards achieved by him kindly refer to this page for further details.
  • Further list of his 66 movies and award can be found in this page.

From these success story I made my observations from his works and awards that he took:

  1. He continued to produce and act at least 3 to 4 film consistently in a year.
  2. He starts producing award winning film starting 1956 through 1964 and before reaching his peak he had been working on 25 film before it start producing award winning film.
  3. His movies covers multiple genre from comedy, thriller, love & hate and patriotic to name a few.
Clues Learned

From here, we learned a clue from this blog that:
  1. Consistent efforts pays.  We should keep producing and improving our work no matter how many times it takes before reaching THE MASTERPIECE work.
  2. Keep trying in different angle of work and again keep it consistent.
  3. Success didn't come overnight, continuous efforts, continuous improvisation and eagerness to explore are the keys to for achieve successful result.  Overnight success, would be something that we can find in our dreams. :). 
As you see, talent does not totally create Legend.  It is about work, focus and consistency that made up a Legend.

Hope this blog would inspire you. 

Notes from a friend.

By the way, thanks to Pak Tam who reminded me that History Channel will be screening a special P.Ramlee documentary on 31 October 2010.  If I manage to get some points from this screening, I will be sharing with the readers here probably on November 1, 2010.


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  2. P.Ramlee Documentary,
  4. P-Ramlee Cyber Museum

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  2. Indeed .. .you're the one .. congratulation ... :)

  3. we should also remember being in a winning team pay off. In studio jalan ampas, he have a great photographer, great scrip writer, great investor, great actor and etc thus his film success, while moving to studio in KL he lack a great team which made him produce bad film at the end of his carrier. Just like football you need a great defense, midfield, striker, coach etc to win games.

  4. Indeed ... winning team is the key here ... pity him that he got to face the terrible team in Kuala Lumpur ... I was wondering if the word "training" make sense during those days..