Pledge from South China Sea

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Source : Stuck in Customs
The world is talking about “Water” today. From this side of the world, next to South China Sea, Malaysia is blessed with abundance of freshwater resources. With 22,000 cubic meters of water available to each person annually, Malaysia is not considered water stressed. [Asia Society]
No matter how blessed Malaysia with the amount of freshwater she got, the global water crisis does not choose side and she is not exempted.

The global weather change, rapid economic development and the growing population in the urban area are creating a new challenge to the authority to manage the trend of water usage. In certain state, local analyst had pre-empted the public of potential clean water crisis in 2012.

This blog post is one of the initiatives to start conserving this precious gift. It started with awareness and then translated into action. While the government are working to mitigate this issue, as a citizen, a prudent usage of clean water would be a good start not only will help the nation but also be part of the world citizen to conserve and mitigate the world water crisis.

Writing for the Blog Action Day 2010 on Water event .... this is the voice from Malaysia ...

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