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Source: NetworkedBlog
Today’s reading is from blog that I followed through NetworkedBlogs, The Wired News.  It’s a blog written by various author and the blog name is Wired News.  In this write up I will be highlighting the learning I got and place one or two pointers that I captured from this reading.  For further reading about “The Power of Visual Thinking” by Clive Thompson, feel free to click on the link at the end of this article.

Power of Visual Thinking

Source : Wired News
The key sharing point of this article was visual thinking, which means drawing pictures to solve problem give more venues to expedite on decision making process.  He uses crayon as to show how he make a selection from various choices shown to him.  The choices he used was list of laptop that he found online when he wanted to make a purchase. 

Using the argument place forward by Dan Roam, a visual-thinking guru and author of “The Back of the Napkin”, he highlighted that our culture relies too much on choices and arrangement of words. Another thought raised by David Sibbet, a visualization expert, was if we want everyone to have the same understanding of a problem, “fastest way to do it is with a picture”.

What do I got from this article

In a simple word, I’ll say “Picture worth thousands of word”.  I’ve seen in certain meeting that I attended, a problem was shared through drawings on the whiteboard.  From what I see the ambient of the meeting was lively and full of colors.  However, in one of my experience attending meeting (most of the time meeting with Government Officials) where everybody talking about protocols and going through some documents together, the ambient was dull and most of the time I slept while the meeting was going on.  

For further readings on this article … click here.

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  1. So are we supposed to actually draw out what we are thinking or can we just think of mental images inside our heads?

  2. Hi Steven,

    From where I see it from here ... draw out what we are thinking would be the best ... to just think of mental images is good .. but you know we're normal being ... normal being forget... :)