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P.Ramlee, a name that very synonym to any Malaysian.  Let trigger a keyword here.... P.Ramlee .. movie.. The first few things that came acrosss each of Malaysian mind were "Bujang Lapok", "Ali Baba Bujang Lapok", "Tiga Abdul" and the list continues.

Now lets try it on youtube ... type "p.ramlee movie" and see how many movies appear on the screen. Then try to google this keyword "P.Ramlee"... and see how's the result looks like.

Local television station ASTRO is currently paying a tribute to this legendary name for a month with "Di mana kan ku cari ganti" campaign.  I’m triggered to contribute my part by writing few articles about him.  I was born one year before he died in 1973, ever since his works through songs and films were continuously played consistently until now. 

Impact that he brought to the film and music industry in Malaysia is massive, however, until now we haven't found any unique musician, composer or film maker that can create such masterpiece on his work.  His works been studied by  many and inspires more even those who are not in the film and music industry.

I am amazed by his road to fame and how he build his film & music empire. In this blog I'll be sharing some clues that I found from this legend and how we can use his trail and learn how he did it.

Sharing in this blog will be divided into 3 :
  • His life from nobody to a legend. What are the clues we can get from his life journey.
  • His works on the box-office movie, how did his work become so ever green that even my 9 year old kid loves his movie.
  • What are the hurdles that he faced and how can we learn from it.

Enough of the intro ... in next article about P.Ramlee, I'll be blogging on his life ... "From 0 to Legend"

Keep tuning to this blog.

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  1. I remember growing up watching his movies ^^ though we cant compare the effects n props with now but still his talent really shone. I was about 7 when i watched <3