Istanbul ... Asia and Avrupa ...from the Blackberry

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Again this is about Istanbul but author tries to present the story in a different way. In this article, author will share a visual story of what he saw during travel and at work.  This is a new approach of presentation that author wants to explore ... so enjoy the picture taken from Blackberry Curve Javelin ... :)

Late October 2010: Assignment in Istanbul was a short one. Just one week and full of meetings.  So I am able to snap some pictures during the break, after work and also during my route to the Airport.

At Work During Break

I went up to the roof top to look at the view of Maltepe area.  The building I worked is sandwiched by highway and a military camp.  I'm more interested on the area living so I took some picture of the highway ....


After Work

October is quite cold in Istanbul. We're talking about 10 Degree C plus some windchill factor ... so not much exploring I did during the working days.  But after work ... with cold weather outside ... nothing match the Turkish Tea or "Cay" they call it and a pool session at the bar ... 


Travelling Home

I took different route from normal.  Usual route I that took was taking a taxi from the hotel in Kartal and straight to Ataturk airport. This time, I took a taxi to Kadikoy, then a boat ride to Karakoy. From there, I took Tunel Train to the edge to Istikal Street and finally to a tram to Taksim Square. Why I did that?  My flight was at night so I took opportunity to spend time at Istikal Street and Taksim Square in this visit. 

I spend some time with my friend Zikri and Murat, enjoying the lunch and some dessert before taking a taxi to Ataturk Airport.... I would not recommend this type of travel if you're travelling with your bulking baggage.  I travelled light at that time so it was a fun walk. :) 

Something that shock me when I arrive home. The Taksim square where I hanged out on Saturday, was bombed on Sunday ... Felt relieved that I'm at home at that time ...


Being bachelor in Alor Setar..

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I would like to recall my early involvement in my career adventure in Alor Setar.  Some are sweet and some are not ... anyway its an adventure it the blend of both stories.

I just reached 25 years old when I started my career in IT industry.  Alor Setar, Kedah was the first state in Malaysia that welcomed me in IT project management world.  I was recruited in Kuala Lumpur by TIME Systems Integrator and within one month, my first assignment was Alor Star.

Government was my first client. To be exact, the Land Administration Office.  It was a unique experience which exposed me to the meaning of tough negotiation, office politics and bureaucracy.

At the same time, I was exposed to the northern lifestyle of Malaysia.


New Year Resolution ...

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Well, it is almost end of January. I guess it is not too late to bring up the topic on New Year Resolution.  Year 2010 has been a very good year for me. Lots of things been achieved in my career and family life.

There are also some hick ups here and there through out last year but it doesn't give a high weight to me to say that year 2010 is not a good year.  Let's recap what did I achieve last year and what's my resolution for year 2011.

Highlights on things that happened last year:

  • Delivered 6 projects in Istanbul.
  • Helping the company to get selected as finalist for IT Supplier of the Year award by the BCS (British Computing Society) & Computing UK IT Industry award 2010 in Organizational Excellence Category.
  • Helping the company to get selected as finalist in CCR Credit Excellence Award.
  • Appeared in the IT Roundtable Talk organized by ZDNET and CBS Interactive.
  • Able to accomplished 2 family vacations which makes the family happy.
  • Helping my wife to set up her on-line business.
  • Enrolled to graduate school.
  • My two cute little daughter got an excellence award at their school.
  • The elder daughter got drafted into the school orchestra.
  • Enjoying first day at nursery for by 4 years old boy.
  • Running in 2 marathon (21km and 10 km respectively) in 2 countries. Putrajaya, Malaysia and Antalya, Turkey.

Some of the unforgettable event happened last year:
  • Loss few colleague due to VSS happened in office.
  • Car accident ... no one injured just the car ... thank God for that.
  • Daughter been affected by Dengue fever ... thank God again .. she recovered.
  • Son put some unidentified object in his nose ... have to pay visits to clinics ... 3 TIMES ...
Places that I went:
  • Singapore
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Antalya, Turkey
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dubai, UAE

And the most important event of the year ... Writing up in this blog ... 

Well looking at what been achieved .. I'm pretty satisfy with what happened last year and the 2011 resolution would be ... to make it better. Nothing specific yet on what to achieve as I would rather enjoy the process than getting straight to the end result.  The learning comes from the process and not the end result ... well that's is what I feel right now ...

That is what I can share with you on my experience in 2010 and sharing some idea on what I going to do in 2011.  Enjoy the reading ...


This Year Entry

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Photo by Helico
Hi all,  

After three month of quietness, it is time for me to be active back on blog writing.  My initial plan in November 2010 was to have a periodic entry on the blog, however, being me ... I like to explore and learned new things.

November through December were a hectic month for me where I've traveled to few countries and also going back to school. So it is quiet a hustle for me to juggle on the first stage. Now, in January, I seems to got the hang on this new schedule and able to slot in some time for blogging.

Hope to see you in the next entry.  Happy new year .. if is not too late to wish.