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This article is somewhat a log on what I am doing with this blog. I have been exploring this blog writing for nearly three months now.

Recalling what I did with this blog was:

  • Focus on article writing within the category that been set.
  • Adding categories as more articles been created/compile.
  • Placing adsense and ad banner to start monetize the blog.
  • Installing some codes to track visits and pageviews.
  • Subscribing to some blog forum and blog sharing sites.
  • Integrating the blog with twitters and facebook fan page.
  • Subscribing to feedburner.
  • Subscribing to Google analytics
  • Building up followers, reviewing and commenting other blogs.
  • Placing blogspot tools such as Blog List, Blog Roll, Email forms and counters.
  • Playing with banners.

So, what should I do to balance back my life in office and home?Looks like I've been busy for last 3 months. I'm experiencing a build-up of an efforts from 15-20 minutes a day to about 2-3 hours a day ... and this blog writing activities really addicting.

I'm thinking of bringing in project management methodology into this blog building efforts. Set some realistic goal and try to achieve it. I'll come back next week on how to make this blog more colorful.

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  2. Great to hear that. I'm planning to expand more on this article. Looking for the right slot at this moment.