Talk Water on 15 October 2010

2:17 AM Iskandar Hussein 2 Comments

Source : Feng Shui Newsletter
Between today until October 15, Iskandar In Person's entries will be focusing on water.  I came across "Blog Action Day 2010" from reading Problogger today.  What's about Blog Action Day 2010?

It is an annual event that unites bloggers of the world posting about the same issue on the same day, which is Oct 15.  Looking at the one who behind this initiative, is a team from who are promoting blog network for social issue.

I found this event is interesting and decided to participate.  You can do the same by going to this link ... Blog Action Day 2010. Register and lets talk about "Water" on that day ... it is going to be fun.

If you need more information about this day, visit their blog here.

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  2. Hi Remi, thanks for visiting and the comment ... your blog is lively too ... :)