When Malacca was Occupied....

3:44 AM Iskandar Hussein 0 Comments

In last three years, I've been travelling within middle east, Europe and Africa.  It has been a while since I put my thought and observation throughout my travel.   In 2012, it is the year where, I decided to go on my own way.. i.e. being self-employed.  After, 9 grueling months of planning, building rapport, presentations after presentation .. I landed myself on a project in Malacca, Malaysia.

A joyful feeling of closing my own project and running it all by own way .. well except there's some discipline that I had to follow with this PMI thingy.

This is a story of Malacca, been occupied by Iskandar .. huhu. like this is a big thing huh...

Lets starts with the entrance through the toll gate, where I have to drive 1 hour from my home sweet home aka my office in Bangi.

I took this picture when I'm approaching the toll gate at 30 km/hour ... huhu ... not much traffic at this time so I can drive as slow as I want.

There's lots of things to tell and share, but first let me clear out my 249 page documents to be presented to client tomorrow, get a good night sleep since it is 3:46 a.m ... and I'm alone at the site office ...

Night-night .. catch up with you tomorrow.

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